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    J1 Conrad 30 waiver + Hardship waiver..

    I have applied for both conrad 30 and Hardship waiver. My conrad 30 is approved by DOS and I am waiting for the decision on Hardship waiver thruough USCIS. Questions. 1. Will USCIS consider my hardship waiver now in light of conrad 30 waiver approved. 2. If USCIS approves my...
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    Montreal - CPer.. Got Plastic Card..

    DOE 12/20/2001 recived Plastic card on 01/11/2002 from TSC POE was Montreal - Dorval International Airport Good Luck for all CPer in waiting..
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    DEC 20th Montreal CP Succesful.. Good Luck to Cper in Waiting.?

    Appointment at 9:15....Finished entire CP process by 12:00Pm They asked for ORIGINALS of following documents.. 1. Marriage Certificate 2. Police clearance 3. Form 9003 4. Notarised Employment Letter 5. Birth certificate    Took oath and returned Marriage Certificate and...
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    H1 visa Refusal as Mumbai..

    Look like this embassy folks have gone crazy.. they refused my brother H1 approved petitions .. under sections 221(g) . He had all the documents ..none was ticked under them but counsellor added some comment as follows - bring JOB description from the company - more info company total...
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    Do you need PCC at the time of submitting packet 3.

    Do you need the Police Clearance at the time of submitting Packet 3. ------------------------------------------------------------------- I am waiting for PCC from UAE.. ( biggest nightmare ) will take another month... Can I send my packet 3 WITHOUT PCC from UAE ..?? Will NVC process...