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    What amendments to the DREAM Act would persuade you to support it?

    This question is for those who disagree with the current language of the DREAM Act. What amendments would you propose to give your support to this bill? From my side, I would restrict the beneficiaries of the DREAM Act ability to file I-130 petition for family relatives. Spouse is ok but not...
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    New form DS-11 for minor and "maiden" name for naturalised father

    I admit it's a bit messy title for a thread. The new passport form DS-11 requires an applicant to list mother's and father's surnames at birth (aka "maiden" surnames). It does not say to list given name at birth, just surname. I am filing DS-11 for my son, and I cannot decide what I should put...
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    Using passport card as an ID inside and outside the USA: your experience

    I am not a fan of local custom of using the driving licence as an identity document, so I was trying to use my passport card for every transaction requiring an ID. Overall, I was not very successful mainly due to Americans' ignorance toward the passport card. It was rejected by banks (in...
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    Poor quality and design of a US ePassport

    I am a dual citizen, and when I received a US passport in 2009, I noticed how bad quality it seemed to have. The bio page looks like it could be ripped off easily, the printing looks very sloppy and the colour picture quality is worse than the original that I send with the application. It looks...
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    Travel to Canada with US passport

    I want to share my experience in travelling to Canada this weekend. I am planning to go to Germany in February, so being extremely cautious, I wanted to enter Canada on my US passport which has never been used before and see if it is working properly :) My final destination was Victoria, BC and...