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    changing job after 3 & 1/2 months..pls Ginnu/others advise

    Hi, Though i recieved my approval email on 24th july 2007, my physical greencard says that i am residence since july 3rd 2007. Now i have an oppurtinity join a long term project from October 25th, which comes out tobe 3 and 1/2 months after getting green card. Are there any repurcassions...
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    RFE..please help..any GURUS

    Hi All Recently i recieved RFE about a lot of documents. Hopefully you guys can help me 1) Regarding medical for X-ray and they need the whole i-693 form from doctor. In fact i recieved one RFE from USCIS last year regarding the same and i sent the X-ray resuly. May be they are lost in the...
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    Ginnu/Real canadian/other immi gurus pls advise

    Hi First of all i don't know how to put up the signature with all the details. Let me explain. I am EB2 in CSC with apply date march 2004 concurrent(don't know the priority date). I had the medical RFE for 485 and sent it a week back. I know by the tracking # that, they have recieved the RFE...
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    How long you are eligible to stay after denial

    Hi If h1 is expired and you are working on ead and for some reason 140 is denied. Then how long you are eligible to stay here before going back to home country. I know there are diff rules which protects you to stay for 6 mnths like 245 , but only if lab filed before april 2001. Otherwise...
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    What is the criteria of filing I140 in which service centre

    Hello What is criteria of filing the I140 in which service centre. My I140 is applied in CSC, but my H1B extension is filed in Nebraska. Does anyone know about it and what could be repurcassions? Thanks Hello_me
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    3 weeks after I140 RFE LUD

    Guys I have already replied for RFE regarding I140, but there is no LUD(latest is 0n 01/07/05..just recieved the RFE). My impression was, after getting the RFE, they process it within couple of week. Any situation like mine. Pls share EB2 subs ND 03/24/04 I140 and 485 still pending (RFE...