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    I have traveled many time to Philippines, its islands are amazing like in fairytales but living there I cant imagine myself, maybe too much good is a lot.
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    Dual US/Pakistani citizen acquiring property in Pakistan, advice?

    You probably need more thorough legal information to have the best possible solution for this issue.
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    UK visit with Refugee Travel Document: PLEASE HELP URGENT

    I also need help with similar question, if there are any restrictions for me to travel to usa, how much it takes for me to get visa for traveling and how long does that last, how many days.
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    Living in Australia

    Why are you asking if it is safe for you to travel and live in Australia,is something different in you or you have just heard some pointless stories?
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    Best way for parent to come to Oz?

    Maybe I did not see it but from what country is your parent from and on what conditions and how long have you been in Australia?