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    H1 visa On LPN Degree.

    LPN's do NOT qualify for H1 visa......its better for you to get the RN degree if possible....goodluck
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    schedule A

    the 50,000 sked A visas ran out November 2006.....if you are doing Consular Processing in another country, you have to follow EB-3 schedule. earliest would be for All Areas is May 2005 Priority Dates.......
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    Just when my I thought it's time to give up...

    dude, congratulations! you deserve a long vacation.....
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    "the I485 applications will be adjudicated in 6 months"

    i doubt this very much because only the complete name and birthdate is sent to FBI
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    After approval.. when do I get the physical card??

    hi defriend....i also never received a card mailed message but i received the green card after a few days.....see my signature....congrats
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    Anybody who got approval email in July got the card or paper approval notice yet?

    my wife and I also got card production emails from CRIS today.....i just hope that was not due to a computer error/glitch from USCIS hehehe!!!
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    Lord, Thank YOU

    Yahooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My wife and I received card production emails from CRIS this morning.....I have been waiting for this approval for a long time. I used to check my email and online status for updates almost everyday. I had so many worries: my AOS being...
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    want to file EAD 2x.... lawyer filed for my 1st renewal EAD 5 weeks ago. until now, my checks have not been encashed, no receipt notice either....the crazy thing is, they filed without a tracking number so that we do not have any idea whether it reached Texas service center or not :mad: do you guys think...
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    whats with the delay???

    my lawyer filed my wife and my EAD renewal application to Texas service center. it was received on June 1 but we have not received our receipt notices yet......our checks are not encashed yet :mad: anybody on a similar situation?
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    receipt notice, checks

    usually how long does it take USCIS to send the receipt notice? after how many days after filing does the check get encashed? :confused:
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    Don't celebrate it yet!!

    errrr......Processing dates for I-485 both Nebraska and Texas are March, 2007 for June 15 bulletin.....NOT 2004 as you predicted :D
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    Don't celebrate it yet!!

    USCIS do not approve by Reciept Date.....believe me, my I140 was approved in 3 weeks after filing it wherein processing dates showed a 4 month delay....this not only happened to me but two of my friends.....we did not filed for premium processing by the way that is why im very optimistic
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    JULY VISA BULLETIN -Again predict the movement, it dont hurt.

    Hopefully, 01 september 2006 for EB-3 Philippines
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    Info help for RN already in US

    visa yes you are correct that you can not file for I-485 until visas are current....either you enroll in another course or unfortunately have to go back to your country..... goodluck
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    Background check done by the US Consulate

    hi hi moden, my lawyer told me that USCIS wont sent it to the US consulate.......who told you that information?
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    Fingerprint rejected twice

    rejected does one need to go to home country for police clearance? or does that mean places you have lived in the US only for the past 5 years for police clearance certificate?
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    this is weird.....

    i just opened my email and received this from USCIS.... Application Type: I485 , Application to Register Permanent Residence or to Adjust Status Current Status: On October 10, 2006, we received your response to our request for evidence or information. However because preliminary...
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    URGENT!!! I-485 Denied...Please Help!

    offer of employment is the Offer of Employment letter needed for the I-485?????? i thought only I-140 requires the Offer of Employment letter? :confused:
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    I-485 approved today

    respect hey! hey! what is with the harsh words???? not everyone reads and posts the same way as we do......i have been a member of this wonderful immigration forum just recently and i check this website 2x a day but that does not mean i have to post 2x a day.......not everyone is as...