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    Address change as a PR

    Hi: I just moved to a new job out of state. The rest of my family is still living at our old address. So I am living in a temporary housing for a month. I may have to stay in a hotel after the lease of rental house ending and before my permanent house is settled. Do I need to file...
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    Your recent exp. with calling IO or Infopass

    Called TSC last Friday. could not get anything out of the lady officer. Any question I aksed, name check clearance, recapturing earlier PD, over-60 days not-answered SR, she would not give any answer at all. Should I go for Infopass? What is your experience? Thanks in advance.
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    How to confirm EB preference and PD?

    I have two LCs, two I-140 approved. My I-485 application was twice returned when we filed as EB2 using the ealier LC (which is EB3) date, and only got accepted in June 07 when the EB2 PD became current. But when I first applied for EAD/AP, the only LUD was on the EB3 I-140. I called last year...
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    Change to EAD or not?

    Here is my situation. Welcome your comments. Returned using AP in Nov 07. H-1B is good till 9/2009. My understanding of the Cronin memo is that I am still on H-1b till 2009. But I keep hearing different interpretations even by lawyers. I talked with two lawyers from the firm I retained...
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    Class of Adhmission on I-131

    I used AP last year. So on the form, I should put PAROLED as class of admission. Am I right? Is this the same as last entry status? For H4, who has not gone our of the country since I-485 filing, it should still be H4. Please let me know if I am right. Also checks should be paid to...
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    Got a new passport, AOS pending,

    Do I have to inform USCIS? If yes, how? Thanks.
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    Renewal, paper or E filing?

    For paper filing of EAD/AP renewal, do we need to get figureprinted? Now I am comparing paper and E filings, I think paper filing is more convinient if you do not want to drive to the service center for photo etc. Am I correct? My question is if we need figureprinting for these...
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    Status on EAD renewal form

    I am getting ready to renew my EAD. I entered US last year using AP. So on Form I-765, item 14, manner of last entry should be paroled. How about item 15, current immigration status? According to the Cronin memo, I am still on H-1B even after using AP for entry. What should I put on item...
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    AC21, job duties

    I am currently working for a small company. My job duty is very broad, from development, process engineering to quality control. If I find a job in the same industry with a big company, the job duty would include only development and process engineering. Would this be considered "similar"...
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    Am I the only one...?

    Who only has had one LUD for FP? If I set an InfoPass, which option should I choose? There are four of them. None fits my situation. Can we contact the service centers by email? Thanks.
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    My experience with traveling with AP

    I am sure there are already a few posts regarding this. Just want to add my experience from last week. Port of departure and entry: Newark Liberty International Airport. When leaving, I submitted all I-94s including the original white and all sub sequential H-1 extensions/transfers...
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    Traveling in 6 days and will use AP to return

    I have the original white I-94 and bunch of I-94s from the H1 approval notices thereafter with same I-94 number. Do I need to hand in each and every one of them (bearing the same number) when departing? Or the first (white one) and the last one (current) will do? What do I need to carry for...
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    EAD and SS card

    Seems there is a backlog as well. My spouse applied SS card based on EAD. It has been 30 days. Called SS office, and was told it was pending verfication/confirmation from USCIS. :( . How is your experience? Anything we can do to expidite the process? Thanks.
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    Asking for help from Chinese in US and have gone and back from landing in Canada

    Here is my situation: landed in Canada in 2001 and came back to the US ever since. I know the Canada PR is expired. But the Chinese consulate thinks otherwise somehow. I went to the consulate to get my daughter's travel document (hui xiang zheng), and it was refused citing since we have...
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    Urgent help needed regarding validity of canadian GC

    I do not seem to be able to find the official doucment stating that you have to live in Canada for two out of five year to maintain Canadian GC. Would apperaict a link or source. Thanks.
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    Finger Printing at Philadelphia surport center

    Just received my FP notice, and would like to know a little bit about the process. My spouse's appointment is at 10am, and mine at 11 am. How much time in advance can you go in? How long will it take to complete the appointment. The reason I am asking these questions is because we have to...
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    Questions regarding sending in my Applications for EAD/AP

    First time I am handling the paper work myself, and a bit nervous. Since Fedex can't deliver to P. O. Boxes, I should send my package to 4141 Augustine Road, Dallas TX 75227. Is that correct? My I-485 is at TSC. Do I send all four (EAD/AP for me and my spouse) in the same package...
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    Required documents for filing EAD/AP

    • Copy of Form I-94 departure record (front and back) I am reading the instruction of filing EAD. The above is one of the documents listed. Is this the white I-94 one got when entering the US? Or is this the latest approval of a non-immigrant status, H-1 or H-4? For someone who has...
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    PD Transfer Mess

    TSC rejected twice of my EB2 I-485 application based on an earlier EB3 PD. Coming June 1, my later PD will be current. So we are palnning to send the application in based on the later PD, not capturing the earlier one. My question is if I can still utilize this ealrier PD in the future...
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    What is involved in a name check?

    Interesting to know what FBI does for name checks, criminal records, terrorist lists within their database? What else? Do they check with other countries where one lived? Thanks.