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    N-336 interview

    My brother-in-law is going for N336 interview soon. His application N400 citizenship after marriage to a US citizen got denied due to not meeting the conditions of three years after obtaining a green card. Actually interview was scheduled on 2 years and 364 days. It was just a day to pass, and...
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    China Visa for 10 year multiple-entry visa!

    U.S. citizens traveling to China can now apply for a ten-year multiple-entry visa! Check your U.S. passport before applying for a visa to make sure that it has six months or more validity remaining. A multiple-entry visa is essential if you plan to re-enter China, especially if you plan to visit...
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    Tax Return after Citizenship

    Well, this post might help you for some who are going to have similar life experience of mine. Most of naturalized US Citizens are marriage to a non-US Citizen. I am the one of them, however my wife is a non-resident in US, so she doesn't apply for visa to live in US, that's mean she doesn't...
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    US Government is going to shutdown if today Congress fails to pass a budget tonight

    Will it effect to USCIS N-400 applicants? USCIS has budgets of $9.9 million for green-cards applicants, I don't know what is going to be happened for applicants of N-400, will they welcome new citizens during Government shutdown? Ref News...
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    any suggestion?

    When I check my status online, website said "On June 24, 2013, your N400, APPLICATION FOR NATURALIZATION was placed in line for interview scheduling. When scheduling is complete, you will receive a notice with a time and place for your interview. If you have not received the notice within 90...
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    N400 + Name Change = Delay ?

    I read about "Name change during N400 and subsequent delay in Oath" thread. is that really happening to new yorkers too for long delay. I can't waste my time for more than 1 month for name change. Is any new yorkers out there changed name with N400? can you explain about your experience. If that...
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    2013 April N-400 Tracker

    07/23/08 - PR 04/27/13: N-400 mailed to Dallas, TX 04/29/13: N-400 delivered 05/03/13: Money-order cashed 05/03/13: Email/SMS from USCIS 05/03/13: NOA recvd (Priority date 5/02/13)
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    Applying citizenship

    I am thinking about to apply citizenship in this month. I got GC on 07/23/08. I didn't travel outside of states since 2008. And i paid taxes too. Is this good time to apply or when should I apply for?
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    Civic Questions for Interviews

    Please kindly post and share all of civics questions and answers for others, so your input will help a lot. ---------------------------------------------------- Civics Questions: What do we show loyalty to when we say the Pledge of Allegiance? The flag The United States Name one war...
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    Let's change in immigration law for naturalization [IMPORTANT]

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    Passport fees to skyrocket by $35 on July 13

    Just as WalletPop warned you in March, The price of a United States passport will zoom from $75 to $110, plus a $25 application fee, on Tuesday, July 13. So if you have been putting off getting one, submit your application right away to save money. Against the advice of people who make their...
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    Geting N-Passport after GC

    Since I immigrated to US, I didn't use my National Passport because I didn't have it, so I immigrated only with GRCTD - Geneva Red Cross Travel Document to US and became a GC holder. Now, I am thinking about to get my National Passport by contacting some agent to get my national passport form my...
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    did somebody try World Service Passport?

    Today I found out about World Service (funny service I ever saw online). I would like to confirm about world service passport. Does that work in Asian Countries ( Malay, Singapore, Indonesia, India, Thailand, Japan, China)? What I saw it at online that Asian stamps on the passports are about...
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    Finally Become PR

    Now, I got GC and travel document at the same day, and become PR finally after living a year :) OMG! OMG! I can't believe it. Thanks for expedite processing to USCIS, IRC, especially to NYC Honorable Senator Charles E Schumer. Without any helps form Senator, I couldn't get my case done...
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    Getting dominican Republic Citizenship

    I am interesting in getting Dominican republic citizenship which is about 1 years to wait to become citizen after GC. please give me advices and how long will it take to become an Dominican order to get Dominican passport and what is the process to get Citizenship without living in Dominican?
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    Visiting to Singapore with RTD Form I571 - Please HELP!!!!

    I have big plan to go and visit to Singapore in Dec with my RTD (Form: I-571), and It was renew my travel document too. Last year I did RTD to go to that place, but I wait till I got GC because as you know I don’t want to get trouble and want to get safe trips if I go. Now, I get the renew RTD...
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    I am coming in state...why will i can get RTD?

    I am coming to state...when will i can get RTD? I would like to know about refugee travel documents. I am coming to state on 22th of next month as I approached as Asylee via ICMC. So, when will I can get Refugee Travel Document when I arrived at State. how long should I wait for? correct me...