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    Got Greened

    Got Card Production Ordered mail today ... EB2-I PD 11/24/2004, Straight Case: No EB3-EB2 conversion, Used AC21 back in October 2008. My case was current since September 2009, Called USICS several times ... each time got the same answer (till February 12): case Pre-Adjudicated, waiting to be...
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    H1B Cap Exempt? Please do reply.

    No, they are cap subjected unless you change jobs within US.
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    Canada Visa Stamping - Call for Security Clearance

    Yes, visa stamping in the home country is safest as Canadian / Mexican consulates cannot verify the education credentials outside of US / Canada / Mexico.
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    Please answer my Question .. Tx

    The answer is 'No' for the DS-156 form. By the way, 221G administrative processing is not a visa denial.
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    H1 lottery decision timeframe

    It varies ... you have to keep checking the updates in the USICS website.
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    EB1OR approved!! Withdraw NIW????

    Congrats! Your attorney was correct ... there is a possibility of revisiting the approved cases by the service centers. Moreover there is no need of a EB2 petition when the EB1 petition is approved.
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    Applying for EAD/AP - Which Service Center

    It should be the service center where your I-485 is pending. Perhaps this link will help.
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    Advance Parole Questions

    Not sure of the first one ... but if you do not fold the AP along any bar code, I think, you should be ok.
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    question about MTR for denied 485

    They have a handful of canned replies ...
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    urgent help needed!

    Your friend can stay in the US as long as the I-485 is pending. AP is for re-entry pruposes only and EAD is the work authorization.
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    cos from h1 to h4 and back to h1

    The advantage is that it is not quota subjected. Stay on H-4 when not working. If you get a job ask your employer for premium processing and start working in 2 weeks.
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    7th year expiring

    Once the I-485 is pending you don't have to maintain I-94.
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    H1B Transfer after 6 Years Expiring

    Yes, as long as the I-140 is not revoked.
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    10 months remaining on H1 max-out

    Theoritically you can: 1. Retrogressed country of chargeability: file a Labor certification, if approved, file I-140 if this one gets apprved too (in < 10 months from now)you can extend H-1 for 3 years. 2. Priority date current: file Labor certification wait for it's apprval (< 10 months fom...
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    Visa Numbers

    There are 140,000 EB visas per year. Also the per country ceiling limit is set at 7%. The number of applicants for each category and country are unpublished (so all predictions are guesswork).
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    I-140 denied (TSC) - 10+3 yr Diploma+AMIETE

    No, you cannot combine 3 years and AMIETE as one can appear for AMIETE after completing 10+2 also. Your chances are slim.
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    Priority date..pls confirm

    Your priority date is the day when the Labor certification was filed. For EB1 category it is the date when the I-140 was filed. In both cases the receipt date of acknowledgment will be considered.