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    L1 VISA going to expire - I-94 Valid

    Hello, What needs to be done if L1 VISA going to expire soon and have I-94 valid for 2 more years? Do I need to apply for VISA extension ? or Is valid I-94 is enough? How about visas/i-94s for my dependents ? thanks in advance..!
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    OCI card father's name misspelled

    Guys, I sent OCI misc. application to correct misspelled father's name in OCI card. OCI website says its been received at Washington D.C office on 11/9/10. So far I have not received the cards yet. I am trying to contact but of no use. I left couple of messages and also sent email couple of...
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    Certified certificate - N600

    What does certified certificate means? does this mean notarized? Appreciate your inputs.. Thanks
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    N600 and Passport for minor child

    I and my wife are citizens as of today. Somehow we convinced to apply for N600 for my daughter (14 years) and apply for passport also. Can I apply for passport along with ours and file N600 right away? or Do I need to wait until we get our passport for proof? I need to apply for OCI card...
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    Interview/Oath done yesterday, Fairfax, VA

    It’s my time to thank everybody on this forum for providing guidance and answers to my questions all these days and to Rajiv for providing such an opportunity. Good luck to every body that are still waiting for your citizenship. Here is my experience at Fairfax, VA USCIS office. Interview...
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    ReSchedule Interview

    I sent interview letter for a reschedule as I will be out of country that time. Sent interview letter back by Fedex just to make sure that I have a delivered record. I have not heard anything back from USCIS or no status change online. Do I need to call 1-800 number to make sure that they...
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    Interview - Travel Document- Advanced Parole

    Do I need to bring advanced parole documents that I used to enter US a while ago( in 2004) to interview? I dont think I have a copy of AP anymore.. please let me know. IL says-- you must bring Your passport/or any other documents you used in connection with any entries in to the united...
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    Concurrent filing

    Is I-140 and I-485 Concurrent filing stil exists? or Do we need to wait till 140 approved to file 485? thanks
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    SecurityClearance - US Govt. Job

    Which is the best option for Indian citizen becoming U.S.Citizen and not to have any issues with security clearance? OCI PIO VISA
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    Good time to send N-400 Application

    I was told that even though the eligibility says we can send the application 90 days prior to 5 years completion, The process will be faster if we send in application after completeion of 5 years, is this correct? I need to file-in in washington DC area.. My eligibility date, 90 days...
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    N-600 Filing

    I will be filing my N-400 soon, when should I be able to file N-600 for my child , who is on greencard. Thanks
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    I-90 filed , Travel question

    I filed I-90 for replacement. My old card will expire after 6 months. Shall I go abroad using my present green card ( still valid one) eventhough I-90 is filed ? Will this pose a problem when border security checks and finds replacement card under process? Appreciate any inputs.. Thanks
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    Is it required to file I-90 for Children after reaching 14 years of age ?

    My son is a green card holder and reached age 16, just wondering does he need to file I-90 now ? Please share.. Thanks in advance
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    Is it required to file I-90 for Children after reaching 14 years of age ?

    Is it required to file I-90 for Children after reaching 14 years of age? My son is green card holder and he is 17 now.. He never filed so far.. please share anything you know on this .. Thanks in advance
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    B1 to H1 change

    Did anybody change status from B1 to H1 while staying on B1 visa in U.S ?
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    H1 Quota

    1) Can anybody have any idea, when is 2005 H1 quota ends? 2) Is it possible to apply for H1 visa now ? 3) How do we know how many visas are still available and stuff like that? Thanks in advance
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    Travel on A.P - Emirates Airlines

    One of my friends' will be travelling soon to Hyderabad. He would like to know if anybody travelled recently and apprecaite if he/she could share the experince. His conecrns are .. 1) What are the documents to carry.. 2) What are the questions can he expect from immigration officers at...
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    Travel on AP - Urgent Help

    My friend's wife needs to travel to India immediately. He has the following questions. Please clarify. 1) Does she need valid EAD also along with AP to travel? Any experienecs if immigration officer asks for it at POE is helpful, please let us know. 2) What are the places(Airlines) do not...
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    Need Advice..!! - Kid's Case not approved

    Need Advice..!! Mine, wife and daughter (9 yrs) cases got approved. Kid (9 yrs) got her card directly in the mail. Son (13 + months) case has not approved yet. I and my wife got our passport stamped yesterday at local INS office. We inquired about my son’s case in the INS office while we were...
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    Infopass Appointment - Arlington.

    1)I don't see any type for PP stamp in here. Please select type of appointment. -You need an immigration form. -You need to replace your Alien Resident Card. -You need to file an application for yourself or someone else. -You have a question about your case. -You wish...