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    Travel with 2 passports with 2 different names

    I know I am resurrecting a very old thread, so my apologies for that. Now, I'd like to share my experience travelling on 2 passports with different names. During naturalization I changed my both first and last names, so the names don't really match although the new last name preserved the root...
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    Immigration Reform Activists March To Calif. Farm Country

    I went to university without citizenship, so why does she need one? I failed to comprehend this entire paragraph. What were you trying to say?
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    How likely is it to have you immigrant status wrong on you social-security record?

    Once again, tell your wife to use Self-check at and know for sure whether the SSA has her current correct status or not. This would also prevent the thread to go on forever.
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    How likely is it to have you immigrant status wrong on you social-security record?

    Dude, let your wife check her own work eligibility by doing Self-check for eVerify (at USCIS website). If she puts her current status (as an LPR) and the system shows that she is authorised to work, then it means that the SSA has her correct status. And please stop beating the dead horse because...
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    I am a Naturalized US citizen - Planning to relocate to Dubai

    Besides filing the IRS form every year, there are no other requirements.
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    Immigration Reform Activists March To Calif. Farm Country

    She has an official DHS document that confirms her identity and authorises her to stay and work in the USA for a certain amount of time (before it can be extended again). What she has is enough to go to university, graduate and get a job. That is more than enough for somebody who was truly...
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    CA driver license delayed due to legal presence check pending

    California has always been like that. Yes, it does indeed resemble a "third world country", if you will. I had a very bad experience with California DMV 12 years ago when I applied for a licence whilst being not eligible for a SSN. I brought them the letter from the SSA stating that I am not...
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    Immigration Reform Activists March To Calif. Farm Country

    Nobody is preventing her from going to university. If the university decides to check the legal status, then it is their right. If she chooses a university that does not care about her legal status, get funds for her education and does not drop out, then she can get her degree. A lot of young...
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    N-400 for 9 yrs old

    The replacement certificate (form N-565) is much more expensive than a new copy of birth certificate ($345 vs ~$20), and it takes much longer to receive the new certificate of naturalisation/citizenship than to receive a birth certificate. But still it is worth getting it. I would also advise to...
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    Name as it appears on green card, does it end up on naturlization certificate or passport?

    My middle name was also abbreviated at the top of the GC but was expanded on the MRZ. Because my full name also appeared on the GC, this is what I put under legal name field on N-400. By the way, the new GC follow the passport card format wherein both first and middle names are listed under...
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    Traffic tickets and naturalization (threads merged)

    This thread has been around for more than a decade, and throughout it folks have been searching for a "perfect" formula when it comes to traffic tickets. The reality is that there is no such thing, and the more you read people's testimonies, the more you realise this fact. There were many useful...
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    Married couple, permanent residents, filing for citizenship at the same time?

    I did it this way, but neither me nor my wife had a cover letter. Our biometrics, interview and oath was on the same days. At the interview we found out that the same immigration officer was in charge of both of our applications, and he knew we both had to drive 1.5 hours one way to the USCIS...
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    Travel Document

    Yeah, with RTD and without GC you would need a visa to pretty much any country. With GC it gets much easier in terms of visa-free travel to Canada and the Caribbean Islands.
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    Travel Document

    Well, Refugee Travel Document is not a passport, in that it does not prove any citizenship. Do you have a Green Card? Just because you are asylee, it does not mean you are stateless (although you might be), so you can try to obtain the passport from your country of persecution. As long as you do...
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    Question for those who applied for the passport book and card separately

    First, I would like to clarify that I am not accusing anyone of anything. I am talking about whether it is theoretically possible to submit only one valid document while retaining another valid document without providing incorrect information on DS-11. Apparently, older DS-11 (used by nkm-oct23)...
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    Question for those who applied for the passport book and card separately

    You chose "in my possesion (if expired)" even though the passport card was not expired? So, you provided a false statement. That proves my point that whatever you choose on the DS-11 form, you cannot send only one document (out of two valid ones) without providing an incorrect information.
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    Got back my expired green card- question on eligibility for citizenship--urgent

    A CBP officer would never authorise entry if he/she knew that the OP "got back" the GC after 17 years of absence. Was the OP taken to the secondary inspection area and questioned? They do question a lot there and they try to get to the bottom of every situation. I know because I had to go there...
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    Question for those who applied for the passport book and card separately

    So, on DS-11 you had to check "Submitting with application" for both passport book and passport card, but you only sent a book? Just like I said, practically it can be done, but theoretically it is impossible without providing incorrect information on the DS-11 form. Now, taking a closer look...