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    Canadian Citizen H4 Extension and I-94

    My wife is a Canadian citizen here on an H4 Her H4 extension I-94 was completed last year. As a Canadian Citizen, was she supposed to do anything or will she simply receive a new POE I-94 next time she leaves and comes back?
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    H1B Valid - POE I-94 expired and passport expired. New passport has arrived.

    I am a Canadian citizen and am concerned about my situation. My H1B extension is valid until Sept 19-2013 When I came back from Ottawa in April this year, CBP issued me a new POE I-94 with an expiration date of Oct. 24 of this year as that's when my passport was to expire. I received my...
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    Extension beyond six years with company A while being sponsored by Company B

    Can someone tell me if I am on an H1-B with company A and company B has sponsored for GC and H1-B is about to expire, can the GC be extended beyond six years with company A? You can assume that I have not gone to work for company B yet. Also, in order for H1-B to be extended beyond six years...
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    Aging out on H4 - How long can I stay on B2

    We are Canadian Citizens. We are in California and I am on an H1 and my family are all H4 dependents. Presently my son is in college. Next year when he turns 21, he will age out. Rather than go the F1 status as a student, can he go B? And if so how long? My reason for this is because...
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    Thinking about going to San Ysidro - Think Twice

    I wish I could make this a sticky so we wouldn't have to deal with this so often. I haven't put my two cents in this forum for a long time. But it seems like some things never change. How many effin' GD times do I tell you people not to go to the border - especially San Ysidro. DO IT...
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    TN and H1B at the same time? Better read this.
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    Priority date - when does it actually start?

    Can someone please clarify this for me. When does the priority date actually start? What triggers it?
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    PERM Process

    Does anyone know if there is a "kit" available to walk you through everything? ie: sample ads, where to place ads, the exact procedure for placing them etc. Is there a "sticky" somewhere on the site?
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    EB3 Current?

    I know this is not the forum for this question, but I prefer to use it as the people that are in it generally have the most knowledge of the U.S. Immigration System (If that's okay with everyone). 1. What was the recent debacle about the EB3 categories and others becoming current? 2. If...
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    E-2 and H1 Concurrently

    Does anyone know if you can hold an H1B and E-2 concurrently?