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    Got Greened

    Got Card Production Ordered mail today ... EB2-I PD 11/24/2004, Straight Case: No EB3-EB2 conversion, Used AC21 back in October 2008. My case was current since September 2009, Called USICS several times ... each time got the same answer (till February 12): case Pre-Adjudicated, waiting to be...
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    EAD update ...

    ... as posted in immigration law website
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    140 premium processing to be re-instated... reported in immigration law website:
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    AC21 update

    Please read here.
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    Reduction in the number of Green Card applicants?

    As posted in immigration law website:
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    H-1B visas going to average Joes

    Here is an article:
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    Electronic application procedure of Non immigrant visa

    This is an alternative to form DS-156. Please read here.
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    DHS allows F-1 to new H-1B COS

    Please read here for details.
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    Traval document update

    Please read here:
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    EAD update ...

    ... from immigration law website:
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    BEC closes ...

    BEC Closure demarks end of an era in labor certification.
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    I-485 and travelling ...

    ... as reported on immigration law website
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    NSC I-140 processign dates

    Significant movement for EB2 workers as published here.
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    USCIS I-485 Frontlog update
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    Illegal immigrants from India on the rise