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    Why would a USCBP officer ask what your job is when entering on GC?

    I recently received my GC thru EB-2. On my first trip to Canada, on the way back, the USCBP officer asked me what my job was to which I replied: "Electronics engineer and I still work for my GC sponsor if that's what you're inquisitive about." He did not say anything to that. I almost told him...
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    Do I have to use EAD or can I stay on TN?

    Once I get my EAD, do I have to file an I-9 with the current employer/sponsor and provide them with EAD? Or can I still stay on TN status (as long as I don't leave the US)? If so, what are the pros/benefits and cons of still staying on TN?
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    Approved I-140 with current priority date can actually casue issues with a TN application

    With all due respect to all the experts on this forum, the following website says an approved I-140 with a current priority date can trigger immigrant intent. I've also met a lawyer who told me I would have a hard time getting a new TN for a new employer because I have a hot right out of oven...
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    Any experience applying for TN with a denied/abondoned/withdrawn I485 in the past?

    Has anyone on this forum applied for TN while having an unsuccessful I-485 in their past? For example, you got laid off before satisfying AC-21 and had to go back to Canada and later on you tried to get a TN. Please share your experience at the border and how long after the failed I-485 you...
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    Applying for TN with I-140 on file

    Here's my story: I am on TN. My employer filed for I-140 and it got approved quickly with premium processing. However when it came to I-485, the company lawyer is asking for some extra fees that are not covered by what my employer has already paid them. My employer won't pay those additional...
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    Can one use AC-21 for a contract job?

    Let's say you are past 180 days of 485 and you already have your EAD card. You get laid off. You get a contract job for x number of months. The job description is the same as your I-140 job but the nature of the job is consulting. Can you still apply AC-21 and tell USCIS you've found a similar job?
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    Acquisition/merger impact on TN and GC - Need advice

    My company is getting acquired by another company. At this point, they are not telling me if the new merged company is a successor-in-interest. All they tell us is the newly merged company will give us offers to join it (sounds like a new entity and not a SII). I am currently on TN and my PERM...
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    Can layoffs affect the I-140 application?

    We all know layoffs can affect the PERM application and trigger an audit. But what about I-140? Can an I-140 application get RFE'ed or even rejected if there was a layoff right before filing it?
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    Can get H-1B after using up the 6 years and being currently on TN based on PERM?

    I know this is a TN forum but I'd like to share this and see if other Canadians have had a similar experience. I was on H-1B for 6 years for my former employer. Then had to switch back to TN. Now I have joined a new company that wants to sponsor me for GC. Currently I am on TN. However their...
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    How would layoffs affect PERM application?

    There will be layoffs in my company soon but not in my business unit. How could that affect the PERM application?
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    1099 contract work and TN

    My friend is starting a consulting firm and wants to hire me as a contractor. He said he would pay me in 1099 form and he is ok with writing a letter for my TN. I appreciate any advice on this 1099 thing and what I should be cautious about. Also, how should he put the 1099 thing in the TN...
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    Rumor that the new federal laws for contractors won't allow TN, H1 workers!

    I've heard from our company's division where they handle the hiring of contractors that recently fedral laws have changed and they are no longer allowed to hire contractors on TN and the contractors must be perm residents or US citizens even if they're hired thru a third party consulting firm...
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    Check out my employer's lawyer's email reagrding TN to Greencard - Need your help!

    Ignorance is bliss! "You are correct that "company X" does not do permanent residence for TNs. That is because under the law TNs are not supposed to intend to become permanent residents. So, it is really a legal restriction rather than a "company X" policy. What should I show him to...
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    I got my H1-B to TN I-129 approval, what next?

    I got my H1-B to TN I-797A approval, what next? My employer has received my I-797A approval with an I-94. My H1-B finishes on 11/12 and the TN status kicks in on 11/13. When I travel after 11/13/2011, what should I do upon entry? Will CBP require the original petition sent to USCIS? Any word of...
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    H1-B to TN for a Canadian

    Hi all, I know some of my questions might have been answered. I'd appreciate it if we could get refreshing answers. 1. H1 to TN for the same employer: A. Can it be done by mail and what are the complications if any? (e.g. restriction on traveling) B. Any complications for a POE H1 to TN...
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    Canadian entering US at a non-Canadian airport

    I will be traveling to Europe in a month and I will re-enter US thru a non-Canadian airport like JFK. I have a choice which airport since I haven't bought my ticket yet. It could be JFK, Washington DC, Chicago, Detroit, San Francisco etc. I'd appreciate any Canadian sharing his/her experience...
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    Info about I-539

    Where can one get info about I-539? Within how many days from the termination day must one file I-539? Does hiring a lawyer help at all?
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    H1 to TN after 6 years on H1

    Is there any possibility at all that H1-to-TN might get rejected after 6 years of being on H1 for the same company? This is what the company lawyer says: "However, TN status requires that a person maintain a residence outside of the U.S. that s/he has no intention of abandoning. Because of...