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    I-130, Petition for Alien Relative

    He can only file an I-130 for his sister, provided he is a US citizen. The spouse and minor children will be derivative beneficiaries; no I-130 needed.
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    21 Years Old Unmarried Son of Permanent Resident

    If no I-130 was filed, then no. Best thing is for her to file for an I-130 under FB2B, and for you to file for your brother under FB4 to preserve the priority date if he marries.
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    Unclear US Citizenship decision help.

    Solve the real problem, which is his language skills.
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    Am I A US Citizen And Not Know It? Child Citizenship Act Questions.

    Silly question, but he's had a GC for 30 years. Why not just file the N-400, unless there's some specific reason why not to, like criminal activity?
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    Please advise....Question on us citizen filing for visa for family

    I wouldn't go that far. I don't see how his marital status would have affected his N-400.
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    Canadian spouse H4 Documents for travel and re-entry to US.

    Yes, but it won't be a visa stamp. It will just be a copy of the same stamp on the I-94. She just gets an I-94. For re-entry, she needs a copy of your I-797, a copy of the marriage certificate and a copy of your I-94. She needs to file an I-539 extending her H-4 status. It should be filed...
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    L2-EAD to H1B - can it be cap exemption?

    If the original H-1B was not cap exempt and you have not been outside the US for a year, you can claim cap exemption on your new H1B. I'd also ask the employer to start the GC process if your plans are to remain in the US long-term.
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    getting married before i-94 runs out

    This could be interesting. If CBP processed the I-94 they will consider her out of the US, which means that the I-485 will be denied - they will assume she is no longer physically present, or she entered without inspection.
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    GC for sister, AOS for her son under 21

    If he's legally in the US and eligible, then he can file an Folllow-To-Join AOS once the mother enters the US, or he can appear at the interview in India. How old is he?
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    Health Insurance Cost for Parents w/ GC Family Sponsored

    Since Obamacare's penalties are (IIRC) in the form of taxes, they apply to everyone who is a tax resident.
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    Only some family members want the Green Card

    For the lottery, once the fiscal year is over it is impossible for the spouse and children to enter the US without being sponsored under FB2.
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    US sitizen trying to sponsor brother over 21

    File an I-130. There will be an approximately 12 year wait for a visa to become available.
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    Paystubs, W2's and Tax returns for I-485

    The most you will need is to provide proof of legal status since the last entry to the US prior to the I-485 filing.
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    GC filling for spouse need advice

    You can file an I-130 for her, but there may be a wait until a visa becomes available. Right now the delay is 90-120 days, but that could get longer.
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    Question about re-entry if I decide to leave the USA voluntarily.

    They have a record of your entrance, with no exit record. As far as they are concerned you have overstayed until proven otherwise when you attempt to return.
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    Almost certainly. They have a record of your entrance, and they other have a record of your exit (in which case they know you overstayed), or they don't. But since you are interviewing outside the US, the consular officer can request proof of your departure date from the US. Please tell me you...
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    How likely is it to have you immigrant status wrong on you social-security record?

    USCIS could not unless they had the SS-5 where the alien made a false claim to US citizenship under penalty of perjury. They can't revoke citizenship because some clerk mistyped things into a computer. You need to stop worrying.