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    Applying for Citizenship in end of Dec. and have question about SS

    Hello expert, Have a question about SS, giving some history came to USA in 1998 on B1 then I was 20 years old, got H1 1999 applied for labor in april 2001 did not work out with the company left, want out of status, applied again labor in 2006 under grandfather rule because of origin country...
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    need advice and help

    Hello everyone, I been silent reader for 4 years, now I need a advice My case India EB3 Aug 2006 I-140 approved Jan 2008 I-485 Pending since July 2007 under 245(i) I-765 EAD since 5 of them last approved Aug 2012 for two years I-131 AP applied in Aug 2012 approved in Sep 2012 for year 1) my...
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    married to PR while 485 is pending

    hello everyone, I married to PR, my 485 is pending my PD Aug2006 EB3 (India), my question is can i apply another application (family based) if yes and how long it will take can my PD transfer from EB to FB or what is best option
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    2nd fingerprinting

    hello everyone, I got mail monday for my finger printing(code 1), I have done one back in Jan 2008(code 3). anyone else in the same boat. PD Aug 2006 EB3 India
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    Time to stand up against DOS and USCIS

    If you have seen this may09 visa bulletin, its look like they are playing a game with all EB3 specially with INDIA, we should stand up and do something about it, we been hearing so many things for past 2 years, if we keep quit that retrogression will be going one for years and years and...
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    section 201 (b)

    I need a help, I call USCIS about my pending I-485 open SR and today I got e-mail is that my case is under section 201 (b), I look at so many site regarding that I did not get any right answer, Is anyone know about it Please help me understand. Thanks
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    Fbi nc

    Hello everyone, I have a question that how to ask IO about that my name check has been clear or not , I called so many times and ask they said they do not have any information. Please help me. I have my Bio done Jan 2, 2008 code 3 Thanks PD Aug 2006 EB3 (India) I-140 RD Jul 09 2007...
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    About 245(i)

    Hello everyone, I have a question about PD I filed my EB3 (INDIA) 485 July 2007 and my 140 is approved in Jan 2008 and finger prints Code 3 is done in Jan as well, on my 140 PD Aug 2006 and I filed under 245(i) do I have to wait till my PD become current to have my GC or this there any other...
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    Message change

    Hello everyone, My I140 approved at TSC on Jan 25, 2008 and myself and my lawyer received the notice in the mail, but today I received email that "post office return document". Is anyone had same. Please update. Thanks
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    A# Change

    Is anyone had a same problem, my I140 Approved on 01/25/2008 and received in mail on 02/02/2008 but A# is different then on my filed I485 and EAD, any idea why? Thanks
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    I485 filed Under 245(i)

    Hello everyone, I been reading all thread for past 8 months, I did not see that anyone file I485 under 245(i) which consider as "Grandfather" and any one got approval lately by this "Grandfather" law. Thanks :(:confused:
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    I140 approved Finaly and I485 ????

    Hello every one, I been a silent viewer for last 8 months, Let me give some detalis about my case Labor filed: April, 2006 Approved: Dec, 2006 I140 filed: July 9 2007 Approved : Jan 25 2008 Thanks God I485 filed: July 23 2007 I765(EAD) Approved: Sep 24 2007 Open SR for FP on Nov 2007...