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    I-140 is finally approved after Two long years

    After two long frustrating years finally my I-140 is approved.Here is my story. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My I-140 was filed on last week of January 2004 with employer copy of LC because DOL sent the Attorney's copy to a wrong address...
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    After 3+1 case referrals/status enquires what next?

    Hi, The USCIS web site is showing they mailed RFE on my I-140 on August 6th 2004. But neither Attorney nor employer received it as of today. Attorney's office opened the first case status enquiry and the second and third case enquiries were opened by my company's HR department. The 4th time...
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    2004 Consolidated Tracker ONLY (140/EAD/AP/FP/485)

    Fellow GC seekers, It's time to open new thread for 2004 concurrent filings. Let's add and track your information. Instead of opening a new thread for every three months let maintain one thread for the calendar year 2004 that way it is easy to track the cases. Thanks Inferno.