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    US Citizen getting TN visa for Canda, Getting PR for Canada?

    If you are a high tech worker and a US Citizen, do you need to get TN visa to take up job in Canada? Is this over the counter? What other options might be there? How long it will take to get PR using the job offer? Which is adviseable, TN or PR?
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    Emigrating from Germany - prefer to delay by three years?

    Have a job in Germany and wish to keep it for another 3 years: 1) When I first coming into US in April 14, planning to stay for 2 weeks in the US, what are things I need to get done in the US? 2) Will they automatically give me the re-entry visa? How long is it valid for? What form to fill...
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    Emigrating from Germany on family sponsor

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    Requesting overseas Police Report

    Thanks @Jackolantern for your earlier response. Mom, a US citizen, sponsored the married son with a family with two biological kids and the real mom. So all 4 are working to get the GC overseas. At the interview in Germany for GC, he had been asked for a Police Report from his...
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    Family sponsor GC - What interview questions n Europe ??

    A member of the family was sponsored. He is a naturalized citizen in Europe. His family is now been called for interview at the US consulate for the Green Card. They also did medical. At the interview in Germany what questions will they ask him & his family? He is middle age with two...
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    Do u get oath letter in hand after the i/v & testing in CA?

    Does the Oath letter handed over at the conclusion of the the i/v & testing in San Jose? Or do they have to come in mail?
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    Is USPS Delivery Confirmation suffient for RFE material to the DO?

    How long DO will take to process a mailed document? There was an RFE at the i/v due to FP issue. Mailed the document. How long will the DO needs to open the letter and update the file?
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    Driving tkts older than 3 years?

    Court doesn't have a record of a disposed case of 4 yrs old. They delete after 3 yrs. Will the USCIS still want evidence ?
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    Current school start date, month & date had been swaped in the N400

    Currently studying since 2009 Month and date were swapped when I entered in the form. Should I tell at the interview, without being asked? What should I do if I were asked when did I start studying?
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    Interviews in San Jose? What are the FAQs in SJ?

    What are they like? I see people giving bank statements - do they ask these at the interview? The i/v letter does not seems to ask for these. What the questions they are asking other than the Civic questions?
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    How long after YL you get a status update following FP

    If the status is on initial review and FP was already done How long after receiving YL there has been an update on the status (or received letter for interview)? Any thoughts?
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    Interview letter followed by "have been arrested"

    Received i/v letter. Application mentioned one traffic ticket of less than $500 and "disposed of". Now a YL came - with boxes checked asking for - State issues DL - "You indicated that you have been arrested" (I did not state in the application - I will take the original document to...
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    Tax Transcript Vs Tax Returns?

    Should I take Tax Transcript or Tax Returns? Are they equivalent? Is one preferred? How much does it cost to get Tax Transcript? How long will it take? The i/v letter does not ask for tax returns - should I still take it? Would they have checked filing of tax returns while doing...
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    The 100 Questions are confusing!

    I reviewed the book with 100 questions (given after the FP) over one time. When I see the questions others had been asked, I have no clue, for the most part! Any better resources to study? I have not touched the CD that came with the book. Any tips guys?
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    Evidence of Secret Service enrollement for a woman?

    Evidence of Selective Service enrollement for a woman? Someone I know have the i/v letter. The letter asks for Evidence of Selective Service enrollment? Women are excepted, right? Secondly she only entered the country at the age of 32! So what preparations needs to be done for the i/v...
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    What is district office, processing time URL?

    What is District Office? Would this be Arizona (mailed to) or San Jose (FP done) for me? What is the link to find the processing time? Thanks
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    Couples filing together N-400

    If you file together with your spouse for Citizenship, would you get interviews on the same day? If not can the spouse attend the interview?
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    What is really "name check" is about?

    I see people posting about "name check" - which is done while FP is done. What is it about? Are they not taken care while they grant GC?
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    FBI rejeting FP more than once? How long after the FP, status change online (AZ)

    Did any of you had their FP rejected more than once? My friend had it rejected once. Has some skin issues. When it was re-done, it was the same operator at the support office. Tried talking to the manager but manager told, it is your fingers and changing the operator is not going to make a...
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    FBI rejeting FP - individual has issue with the skin

    I have a party with issues with the skin - dermatologist patient. The person who did the FP could not seem to speak - possibly some sort of disability Any advice or tips here? Should u get a letter from the Doctor too when you go next time for FP? Thanks