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    Got magic e-mail/ Indian doctors' issues

    I got my Card Production Ordered e-mail today! Finally got GC, long overdue! Have spent so much time in this country that I could have gone to med school here as well! Thanks a lot for all your help! Hadron, posmd and others - I have benefitted from your posts from time-to-time! Of course...
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    If reform for illegals included, Let us say NO to reform

    Like all retrogressed individuals, I have longed for meaningful reform that would have allowed me to get a GC over 3 years ago. But, proponents of illegal immigration, especially Senator Kennedy and the powerful Hispanic caucus have stalled any reforms for us - basically in a way saying, if...
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    Employee-leading-to-partner contract

    A close friend is changing employers, while waiting to file I-485, but I-140 approved. Being from India, he cannot file for I-485, but Imm attorney says he can change jobs. With new employer, he can be a partner in the future, but it will be some sort of a buy-in process. For a year, his...