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    GC Approved.. But

    Any inputs?
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    GC Approved.. But

    All, My GC is approved.My Name is spelt wrong.My name was spelt wrong in I-485 too. Though my lawyer tried to fix the issue but he was unsuccessful. Now that I got the GC card, whats the way to get this fixed.... Thanks Jitup
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    Its a sep 02 case
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    Finally approved.... WAC02-272-XXXXX. Wife still not approved.... Any one in the same boat??????
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    I-485 Rfe

    How many days does it take for CSC to receive RFE reply?
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    Project Ocean #16

    Now, I plan to move Project Ocean Fax/E-Mail campaigns to another forums such as VSC I-485 forum or CSC I-140 forum to get more participations than CSC I-485 forum. Before that, I'd like to listen to this forum's opinion because it might affect the I-485 processing at the CSC in future. For...
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    "Ocean" FAX Campaign #15 to 44 Congressional Members

    Good Job Kashmir. I really don't need to know any personal campaigns... I would really appreciate if you can keep this to you. ( probably vanish from
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    20 months processing time by FY2004 for I-485

    So the JIT take will be around 31-JAN-2003 on 31-OCT-04. So it should be move 7.5 months in 3.5 months. If this were true, then JIT will move one month at average for the next 7 reports. So different opinion?
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    Project Kashmir 2 Community Edition Phase 1

    This week we had lot of approvals
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    Miracles Do Happen!!! Approved!!!

    Miracles Do Happen!!! Buy why not me ? I dont want a miracle. I want them to work in an Order.
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    EAD Approvals Tracker

    EAD Approved WAC-02-123-XXXXX Yesterday (11-MAY-04 ). Just now got the email from USCIS
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    FP Expired

    My case is WAC-02-272-XXXXX My FP is expired. What can I do to get FP notice? Is there any use to call CIS? Any one is the same condition?
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    Project Kashmir #3

    Kashmir, Can you please sort by the color ?
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    Program for regular 485ers?

    Email Sent ......
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    Nominate Don Neufeld for Ombudsman's Annual Report to Congress

    Every one... Only 2 more people need to send ...
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    Nominate Don Neufeld for Ombudsman's Annual Report to Congress

    Email Sent Email Sent. Do we need to start any campaign to stop the the new Pilot Program or Is it better we start a campaign to request previously filed I-485 to be included in this pilot program?
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    Good News for some WAC03 Applicants, but very Disappointed News for WAC02 Applicants

    Email Sent Sent Email. Anyone knows how many months are the fingerprints valid. Is it 15 or 18 months?
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    Project Kashmir #2 : WAC I485 Case Status

    Kashmir, I would think any name like that will be good. You do a wonderful job. Atleast people who work like me in Japan can't help you in any way for you project related activities. Since, we are not eligible I would think any title header like that will help everyone not to open this...
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    Project Kashmir #2 : WAC I485 Case Status

    I would totally agree with 2001applicant.
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    How to Apply EAD ?

    Hi All, I am planning to apply EAD for my wife. Can anyone post what things I need to have ? Thanks Jitu