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    Immigration Voice launches a new $5.00 campaign

    Hi Guys, I was just on the Immigration Voice website and I see a new cool concept on there. They have what they call a "Give me a High Five" campaign. The object of this campaign is nice and simple. Every member so far contributes JUST $5.00 ONE TIME. Based on the number of members they...
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    Guys one question. Nothing to do with retrogression, but since things are quiet, thought i'd ask. How does the I-94 work. There is an I-94 which comes when u land in the US and then there is the I-94 which is with ur H1-B stub. Which I-94 are u supposed to hand over while leaving and which...
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    Links to CSPAN for future reference CSPAN CSPAN2 CSPAN3
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    Mention Section 8001 in Faxes

    Guys i have posted this in other posts too. I will post this again. In the SENATE bill S1932. There are 2 sections not to be confused with each other. SEC. 8001. RECAPTURE OF UNUSED VISA NUMBERS. ( This Deals with...
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    HR4241 and it's IMPORTANCE

    Just to clarify the importance of HR4241 1) HR4241 is the House version of the Senate Bill S1932. 2) HR4241 does NOT have any immigration reforms. 3) It is VITAL that HR4241 passes coz if it does Not (GOD FORBID), then the corresponding Senate version is ALSO trashed and with it the...
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    Go directly to the TOP

    Hi guys, Just a thought here. We wrote to the Senators and saw positive results. We are now writing to house members. Can't we start writing/faxing our letter DIRECTLY to the President's office? I mean think abt it, if there are ppl in the Senator's office who are responsive to our...
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    what happens next?

    Hi, I was just wondering, what happens next and when. Apparently some senate committee has voted on this bill. I was wondering, what is going to be the next step and when? I hear something abt a Full Senate meeting and then a House meeting and then the senate and house debating between...
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    Wife's H1-B

    Hi everyone, I have a question abt my Wife's H1-B. My wife is an MBA from a well-ranked Univ in Pune. I am just wondering, what are her chances of getting H1-B Sponsorship in the US, WITHOUT a US Degree? She also has 2-3 years of work experience as a Forex Manager in a Bank back home...
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    Need updates on Contacting senators.

    Hi, I keep reading that someone contacted this Senator and they received a reply etc. We should start a specific thread as to which senators were contacted and more importantly what replies were received. Guys, the ppl here Need to know which senators are listening without having to...
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    Comprehensive Immigration Reforms Meeting

    Hi everyone Apparently this Meeting to be held on Oct 18th 2005 is Not a Hoax Guys pls write letters to your senators. People are listening, lets make some noise atleast...
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    Refiling for same case from EB3 to EB2

    Hi, I have questions abt Changing from Eb3 to Eb2. 1) What stage decides whether the application is Eb2 or Eb3? Is it the Labour certification or the I-140? I have my Labour Cert (and I-140 approval) Under EB3. I was wondering if i can simply re-file my I-140 from the SAME job under...
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    Immunization Questions

    Hi, I have 2 questions: 1) I have IBX Insurance. Is there a special case under which i can get my Immunization for the I-485 Covered. I need to get the chicken pox and the Tetanus injections. My Wife is on an H-4 and we have NOT yet applied for the EAD etc. and we're from the state of...