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    GC Approved.. But

    All, My GC is approved.My Name is spelt wrong.My name was spelt wrong in I-485 too. Though my lawyer tried to fix the issue but he was unsuccessful. Now that I got the GC card, whats the way to get this fixed.... Thanks Jitup
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    Finally approved.... WAC02-272-XXXXX. Wife still not approved.... Any one in the same boat??????
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    I-485 Rfe

    How many days does it take for CSC to receive RFE reply?
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    FP Expired

    My case is WAC-02-272-XXXXX My FP is expired. What can I do to get FP notice? Is there any use to call CIS? Any one is the same condition?
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    How to Apply EAD ?

    Hi All, I am planning to apply EAD for my wife. Can anyone post what things I need to have ? Thanks Jitu
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    Kashmir or any others

    First let me thank Kashmir and others for doing wonderful job. I would to know the Progress so far in terms of sending emails and faxing? Is anyone really looking into the issue or is it just waste of time. Jitu
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    Title changed: FBI charges bare Musharraf's lies

    Check This : *** H1B ***
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    iEAD : What things are required?

    I think I saw this thread but cannot find it. Can anyone let me know what things I have to take? Also I filed in CSC and now working in Delaware, but a resident of Atlanta. Can I go to the Philly center and get IEAD? Thanks
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    No updates from Kashmir ???

    No approvals today ??? Appreciate your good work.
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    Congrats Kashmir

    Kashmir, Congrats for a job well done. Jitup, P.S : Whats your next project?
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    One more reason that could potentially delay I-485(EB) Currently, the qualified religious workers other than Minister occupation are allowed to file a special immigrant petition (I-360) and once the petition is approved, they file I-485 to get a green card. Except the occupation of Minister, though, the law on the...
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    FBI Check / IBIS Check

    Whats the difference between the two?
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    NEW NSC JIT just released There is row for I-485 for INDOCHINA . Whats this ?? Any idea? Thanks Jitup
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    Check this ( Good Information )

    Please see the attached excel sheet. I think they approved lot of cases last year. Last Dec, they just processed 9800 cases only. All these information is from ( month immigration updates)
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    Question for all AOS approved people

    Guys, What happens to EAD/ AP renewal for ur cases? Since ur GC is approved, do they cancel ur AP/ EAD case or refund the money? Thanks
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    Quick Question on A number assigned

    Guys, When we file I-485, our case is assigned with a 'A' Number. I think this is unique per case. ( I have one for my case and one for my wife case. In fact they are in sequence. ) Now my question is if this A number is a serial number assigned for EB category? If so, based on this can...
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    NEW JIT REport

    NEW JIT Report as of 15-feb-03 No Major Changes
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    New JIT Report

    California Service Center Processing Times 02/01/03
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    How many Copies of AP do we get?

    any one can tell me?
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    New Csc Jit Report ( 01-oct-2001)