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    I485 Rfe for Police clearance certificate

    i485 rfe for my wife. Please help My wife received an rfe for the things listed below. I think she got it because her finger prints are not machine readable and FBI have not been able to verify it.... 1) Submit true certfied copies of any and all arresting officers reports....blah blah...
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    Please help! Prewailing wage determination for EB2

    I work for a university and advt for an Eb2 position under the OES code 15-1031 Computer Software Engineers, Applications However when searching for the prevwailing wage on the OES wage determination site it says the wage for 15-1031 does not exist in the higher education database...
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    PERM Denial conversion case please help!

    I am involved myself in a mess regardning the Green Card labor process 1) I had appplied for RIR labor in Apr 2004 and it was sitting in the Backlog elimination center (BEC) 2) In November 2006 I filed a conversion case and reapplied in PERM on my own while retaining priority date of april...