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    FP received for RD 10/19, state is california

    I received the FP notice from my lawyer to give FP in the 3rd week of Jan. My RD is 10/19 and from california (applied at VSC).
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    i need help \'b industrial jobs

    hi i\'m waiting for my att# ,but in the meanwhile i want to work in the industry side,in which i\'ve no experience.i\'ve work permit so where sh\'d i start my search from,any ideas \'b employment agencies r industries who gen recruit novices.. thanks
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    fpgee new rule

    hi all, i hope if anyone can throw light on this matter of a new requirement by NABP of requiring more than 4 yr degree for fpgee from next year(which i guess most of us r..).i hope it is a gossip...I\'m really worried \'b it and if it\'s not then does M.S. count r only pharm.D. does? So what...
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    pharmacy technician license procedure

    Hi All,  I am pharmacy graduate from A.U.I applied for FPGEE ,in the mean while i want to work as pharmacy technician in California.Can anyone here help me regarding the procedure for it..I need help completing the application,how to send fingerprints ...does any one here sent those...