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    H1 Extension In Premium Processing, Plz Post Here

    Hi Guys, I would like to tell you my experience. I got H1 transfer approval. My old case at VSC is still pending. I did premium processing from CSC and got approval in 8 days. Now I really do not mid about security check as I have everything back in my pocket. I will also post the abt my...
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    Please let me know about porting 140

    Hi guys, My priority date is October 2004 EB3(140 approved). As you know Eb3 is not moving, I am trying to port 140 to EB2 to a different company. Is this going to be risky ? Is my GC application becomes complicated with this? How much time it will take for the proting process? Do I need to...
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    H1 Extension In Premium Processing, Plz Post Here

    H1 extension Approved( second company). After stuck in security check. Hi All, H1 extesnion : July 11 2008, VSC I applied for H1 extension Premium processing with received Date on July 11 th 2008. Still It is showng as case received and pending. When My lawer sent an email to USCIS after...