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    Flying Norwegian Air with RTD

    Anyone has experience flying with Norwegian Air with a Refugee Travel Document? I'm going to Europe soon and I have a schengen visa. Just want to make sure the airline recognizes RTD as a passport replacement.
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    manhattan i-485 experience

    Hi guys - is there anyone who: is a permanent resident, not a US citizen applied for green card for your spouse interviewed in new york city / manhattan? Could you pls share timeline? how long is the wait from i-485 biometrics to interview notice and interview? Thanks so much!!
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    i-485 processing time for spouse of LPR

    Hi - I'm a green card holder and I'm applying for a green card for my wife. Here's my timeline: Sep 2016 - i-130 filed (priority date Sep 2016) Jun 2017 - i-130 approved Oct 2017 - priority date becomes current; i-485 filed Our USCIS field office is New York City; the current i-485 processing...
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    How long will i-485 take?

    Hi guys - I'm applying for a green card for my wife; I'm a permanent resident. Her I-130 was approved a few months ago. How long would it take to have I-485 approved, start counting from when the form is submitted?
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    it's gotta be trump

    The line for family green card is hardly moving at all. Final action for F2A has been stuck in September 2015 for quite some time. Do we expect any movement for October (new USCIS fiscal year)? will they final switch back to "dates for filing" from "final action"?
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    I-130 delays

    I filed I-130 for my wife in September 2016. I'm a green card holder not a citizen. The application is being processed out of the California center. Their processing time is still stuck on Aug 2016 as of end of February. I believe I-130 usually takes ~5 months to approve and I'm on the 9th...
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    Can trump touch H1B visas already issued?

    His policy plan included increasing the wage requirement for H visas... could this affect visas already approved and issued in the past? what about renewal?
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    It's no secret that Donald Trump is anti-immigration and considers refugees of Muslim origin a threat to the US domestic security. But I'm wondering how much he can or will actually do: 1) Is there any chance that current asylees/refugees and asylee/refugee-turned permanent residents be...
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    F2A exempt from per-country limit

    I read this on the visa bulletin: "For June, F2A numbers EXEMPT from per-country limit are authorized for issuance to applicants from all countries with priority datesearlier than 01SEP14. F2A numbers SUBJECT to per-country limit are authorized for issuance to applicants chargeable to all...
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    Received asylum GC from TSC

    Just received my green card based on asylum approved more than 1yr ago. See below for my timeline. Feel free to ask me anything. Always happy to help out members of this forum.
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    International air travel experience with RTD

    Hi guys, Could someone pls share their experience of international air travel with a refugee travel document (RTD)? Just regular international flights, NOT going back to your home country (COP). Did you have any issues going through airport security? Is it a good idea to bring your national...
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    Asylee applying for green card

    Hi guys - I was granted asylum more than a year ago and I'm about to apply for a green card. But I'm having the following issues - 1) I cannot find my birth certificate and I cannot go back to my COP to apply for a copy from the government 2) I had a short visit to Canada recently using my...
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    Traveling while green card application (i-485) is pending

    Hi - I was granted asylum in the US a year ago and am preparing my application for adjustment of status. Would I be able to travel to Canada for 2 weeks while the application is submitted and pending? I already obtained a refugee travel document (I-131) and has a Canadian visitor visa on it...
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    Refugee travel document application thread

    Hi there, I was granted asylum in the Newark office a month ago (!!!!!) and applied for a refugee travel document (RTD) the following Monday. I've been anxiously waiting ever since because I want to visit my friends in Canada and the UK (neither is my home country). I know it hasn't been that...
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    Newark (lyndhurst) office applicants 2014

    Had my interview a month ago. The asylum officer was very nice and had great patience in hearing out my story and fears. Despite my stress and worries about having to go back to my home country and face persecution, it turned out to be a really pleasant experience at the asylum office. Anyhow...