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    Form I 865 applicabilty Q.

    This is on behalf of a sponsor. Now the citizen moved to another addres.Does he need to File I 865 technically? The info' on...
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    For SF-Is it mandatory to send orginal US PP?

    This question is for my kith and kin. Has already OCI but name change is the issue now. I understand that Name change for OCI need to be applied afresh and it again goes through all the original cycle like,acknowledged,scanned and Delhi printing and SF receipt etc. Am I correct? And what is...
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    what lock box will do now?

    These young guys prepared every thing and asked my help to mail the package to chicago lock box, as they were had to go respective official tour/exam next day. On Friday,I sent their express mail and the postal clerk informed me as it will be delivered on saturday,it can be opted to be...
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    F1 CPT working on C PT in Co. Q on Occupation in G-325 A

    The guy applying 485 is on F1 CPT and filling up G 325 A. He is student full time and working part time on CPT in a firm.They gave him job title like 'AAAA' In 325 A it asks to list all employment and he will list this present(part time employer). 1)Now since he is working on job(title)on...
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    Small Claims issue and I 485

    The guys had almost filled all the docs. 130,45,131 and 765 etc and ready send the packet next day and they came back with a Q. Just before the day-- the 485 spouse was served a small claims court notice(civil) regarding an auto accident(damage to other party- car claim). What happened...
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    importance of Docs. along with I 130,485

    These young and married recently, are ready to apply their I 130 and 485 etc. Now they came with a Q--about the docs. from importance point. They have joint --Utility bills,Phone bills,Auto insurance,bank statement(for couple of months only),Lots of Wedding Photos(attended by dozens of...
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    Married name or Maiden name?

    This is on behalf- an young guy newly married. USC spouse married tnon-citizen and changed the last name. Now they have Q--Which name to be mentioned while applying --in I 130 &I 864 by USC?(Changed last name in SS also recently)USC naturalization certificate has maiden name earlier. Thanks.
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    Is it mandatory to change last name on passport too?

    This question is on behalf of an young guy who recently married. This guy is naturalized USC with previous last name on PP, married a non US citizen who is in US legally. In marriage certificate, the USC changed last name to the Non USC spouse last name. Now what happens for Naturalization...
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    Can an F1 holder after marriage can be co borrower in mortgage?

    USC recemtly married an F1 visa holder(doing MS) and in very near future apply for AOS. Now they intending together to buy a small house (This probably occurs before applying AOS if every thing goes well).(they prefer to be on Mortage deed before applying AOS,if possible) Is it OK from CIS...
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    Is it mandatory to have filed 3 tax years for I 864EZ?

    While Reviewing I 864 EZ to prepare to fill up by marriage based by young friend(USC): It mentions that: A)Item' 19. Federal income tax information. I have filed a Federal tax return for each of the *three* most recent tax years. I have attached the required photocopy or transcript of my...
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    Best timefor applying marriage based GC

    This is Q on behalf newly wed couple and they do not know where to post. What will be the best suggested time(period elapse) to apply after the marriage (sponsor USC spouse)Like 1 month 2 months after etc.(assuming they have staeted having other joint kind of things like bank accounts,health...
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    Names on lease(New post)

    (Please ignore the previous error posting). Please read below and suggest. I have a question on names on the lease for newly weds. The newlyweds wish to live along with one spouse's parents for family reasons and it is accepatable for the family too. The parents can add the two names as...
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    Names on lease

    Error in saving post .hence with drawn. Pl. ignore
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    Moving Now will create problems for further process?

    As seen the time lines from threads,my interview date may be couple of months away. I may have to move to another residence in the SAME city. Ofcourse,I can inform CIS 1-800,but my Question is whether local address change will affect in the whole process ?Theoretically it ahould be OK but...
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    Question on Part 8. G)--Friends Dilemma

    This is regarding Q by a friend while fillingup his employment Based N400. He has been married only once(to her) and similar is his wive's(to him) and now they are still married. The question on 8.G) is--How many times your current spouse has been married? My advise was to fill --1 and do not...
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    Will it be an issue if movement of office is not mentioned in employemnt history?

    I guess it is belated question(since submitted application already) but want to get clarification for next step pl.. I was with same employer more than 8 years .After 6 years the company and office was moved to a nearby county . While fillig up application form -empolyment history,I gave the...
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    Delivery be express mail to Phoenix

    I sent the N400 packet by USPS express mail addressed to: USCIS, 1820,E sky harbor road,Floor 1.Phoenix,AZ 85034. But the online deliver shows ; Your item was delivered at 11:41 AM on October 2, 2009 in PHOENIX, AZ 85034 to BANK ONE 1820 . Is it received by USCIS? what is this bank one...
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    Part 11--signature

    Please bear with the Q as precisely it is not clear what they want. N400-instructions mentions under part 11--signature: 'You should sign with your full name with out abbreviating it or using initials'. (I understand it is not the signature I do on checks but-) Means-- 1)Can we write in...
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    Traffic infraction and submission of N400

    This is in continuation of previous post but changed personal situation of my close friend. He almost completed his N400 and was ready to submit to CIS last week and on the day of submision he was issued a ticket for using mobile while driving. (Thanks for the previous advises but please read...
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    Ticket and Q 15 16 17 18.

    This is regarding close friend who got a ticket for talking on mobile while driving. Received it today and actually he already filled the applciation and had to send application tomorrow. Now what he has to answer. for 15. 16. 17. 18. And since this receievd only today he doesn't have...