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    N-400 with approved N-470 -- Question..

    Get your facts right: (a) If you travel for the approved purpose and employer, after N470 approval, you don't need to maintain residential ties to US when you're away. (b) N470 covers any travel, even if it's 1 day long Your case is on autopilot and you can't do a damn thing to get involved...
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    OCI - San Francisco Tracker

    I visited the CGI-SF in connection to my granted (and then, stuck) OCI application despite sending surrender certificate etc. I went to CGI-SF at around 9:30, there were about 6-8 people for OCI, in addition to other services. The OCI customers wait outside, all others are allowed inside. We...
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    OCI - San Francisco Tracker

    I got below email on my pending OCI which has been granted and dispatched, but not yet completed: ---------------------------- Dear Applicant, In order to process your application for OCI card further, please send at the earliest the following additional documents: 1. Colored...
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    To Naturalize or Not?

    (a) I'm not saying OP is covered by AC21 or the GC approval was valid or he was self employed. I'm merely stating that it's a lot of work for USCIS to establish either (b) It's a terrible idea to lie to officials - in the context of immigration, it creates fresh, no-time-limit basis for denials...
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    To Naturalize or Not?

    Oh, one important point to remember - never ever lie to immigration officials. Lying to immigration officials creates an independent basis for them to deny/revoke your privileges. If the officer asks you, "were you employed when you adjusted to status". If you lie and say "YES, was employed"...
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    To Naturalize or Not?

    Jackolantern - it's a very weak case for USCIS to revoke a +5 year GC. I said "within a hairline of AC21" as I do realize he's outside it, but I'll edit my post to not say things that imply OP is covered by AC21. The reason I say it is weak is because to distinguish someone who is...
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    To Naturalize or Not?

    I agree with the general opinion that it's probably better to wait. But if you were to apply, my opinion is that you should get through just fine for the following facts: (a) Though they can review entire history, the normal procedure is not to question their own prior decisions. Unless...
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    Oath Letter Tracker for MARCH 2010 Interviews

    I was interviewed in last week of Feb and requested Oath together with my spouse who was interviewed a week later. I think they delayed my file to wait for my spouse's file, as my oath letter was rather late. Also, I never received my oath letter, only my attorney received their copy and told me...
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    N-400 San Francisco timeline

    Received my oath letter! It was a bit delayed (1 month after interview+approval) by SF standards. I think the reason was because I requested that my spouse and myself have oath together. So, rather than expediting the second file to catch up with the first file, they will delay the first file to...
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    N-400 San Francisco timeline

    I'm in same boat as you Asy. I was interviewed exactly on my 5 year GC anniversary, which was 2/25 and was told that I could expect to take Oath mid or late March. Oath letter is nowhere in sight. I'm thinking maybe 4/15 is more likely. My timeline below: 12/07/09 - Receipt 12/25/09 - FP notice...
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    N470 - Anybody with experience

    You need 365 uninterrupted physical days, otherwise they'll reject the application. The only exception is if you are applying under religious worker category, for whom slightly relaxed version applies.
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    URGENT HELP! Appeal VS ReFile

    Here is an interesting data point: Dhillon v. Regents of the Univ. of California (pg 990) "As absence of six months or less is not included in the statute, it does not disrupt the continuity of residence."
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    New Simple/Robust Case Status Scanner

    GCard_Dream - looking at the error message, it looks like the scanner is unable to make an outgoing HTTP request. Open IE, go to Tools->Options and check in the "Connection" tab to see your configuration. If there's a proxy listed, (typically in the "LAN configuration" section), then there...
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    If you are a victim of retrogression stop putting money in 401k ASAP

    chicago_blues -- search this forum for 401k. there's a long thread where this strategy appears. also, google around and you'll see that each part of the strategy is individually viable. can the whole thing work? how does PR/citizenship affect this strategy? for both these questions, i don't know..
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    Immigration lawyers dancing on the streets naked

    Don't be bitter If lawyers make money, there's a reason. They spent $$$$$ on education and years of their life. If you envy the money they make, go get yourself a JD. Being jealous never actually does anything useful :-)
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    If you are a victim of retrogression stop putting money in 401k ASAP

    401K: Keep contributing. When you quit, roll it into an Roth IRA before you leave US. After 5 years, the money in the IRA is yours to spend. Corollary - if you move to a low paying job, do so early in the year, so the tax rate on your 401k to IRA will be beneficial. Social Security: You have...
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    I-485 scanner?
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    READ THIS… Getting FOIA wise or not?

    I think I read somewhere here that FOIA request can be withdrawn.
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    RSS feed

    I'm not sure if you can subscribe to a specific thead. You can probably use local filters to get that effect. However, you can subscribe to just one forum using this URL: Just replace the forumids=13 part with the appropriate...