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    I-751 November filers (other months too)

    Hi, My wife will send her I-751 application mid june, at the moment we live abroad because of my job. How long it can take to receive the extension letter ? Can she stay outside of the country 5 6 months with the extension letter ?
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    I-751 Remove Conditions and Apply for I-131 Travel Document

    Dear all, I need your valuable advice for my wife's below case. If you can share your opion and help us to clearify the situation, I appreciate it. My wife has a conditional GC through our marriage. We have been living abroad year and a half because of my job. She has been staying...
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    I-751 Dilemma and Possible Options ?

    Jack, first of all thank you for your prompt replies, I appreciate your answers and help. It is good to see helpful people still exist in the world. I have another question, if you do not mind to answer. My wife got her GC on August 2010, then we lived in the USA till January 2011 for about...
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    I-751 Dilemma and Possible Options ?

    Jack, The extension letter you mentioned will arrive after she completes the fingerprint process right ? I am also thinking that once she gets that letter she will be in good shape even if she wants to leave. Another question is the new GC will be for 10 years ? I will investigate...
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    I-751 Dilemma and Possible Options ?

    Hi, I am sorry it was by mad to say August 2010, the date she received her GC was August 2010. I am not really sure how to check the section 319B, at the moment we live abroad so there is no attorney , we can get an advice face to face. Maybe when my wife comes to the USA , she can visit...
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    I-751 Dilemma and Possible Options ?

    Folks, I need your valuable advices for our below case for my GC holder wife's case. My wife got her GC through our marriage on August 2009. This July her conditional gc will expire. At the moment, we live abroad due to my job. I am a US citizenship and this is how my wife obtained her GC...
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    Urgent Questions After Citizenship

    Hi Folks, I have some important questions and if you can give some advice in here , I really appreciate it. I will try to summarize everything as simple as possible. I am a US Citizen and my wife got her GC through our marriage. We moved to my native country last year and I got a new job in...
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    Green Card Holder Wife Lives Abroad ?

    Hi folks, I have several questions regarding my wife's situation so if you can give me your opinion I really appreciate your help. My wife obtained her GC through our marriage, I am an US citizen. She still has the conditional GC which will expire this coming Aug 2012. Currently, we are...
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    How US Citizens calculate world income when they live abroad ?

    I just wonder how to calculate taxes when you work for a company that does not pay US Dollar abroad ? I am not very sure about the process could you please kindly clearify and explain what steps need to be done ? I assume first I will fill out IRS forms and put my local income but how I...
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    Urgent Help Pls, I-131 seems lost through mail and no help from USCIS ?

    We were renting an apartment in Maryland but we moved to overseas because of my job. CIS has US address on file but as of right now someone else is renting that apartment. I understand USCIS wants to make sure card is lost but if the mail does not go back to them ( physically get lost or...
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    Urgent Help Pls, I-131 seems lost through mail and no help from USCIS ?

    We can wait but my wife is out of the country right now with a GC around 5.5 months, time is passing against us. When we applied this document, we thought it is the safest place ( US Consulate ) to be delivered. I can not really understand , why they can not send a new document ? Card might...
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    Urgent Help Pls, I-131 seems lost through mail and no help from USCIS ?

    Hi, We applied for a I-131 travel document for a permanent resident back in November 8, 2010. My wife completed her biometrics on December 21,2010. When we applied , we asked the travel document to be sent to the US Consulate in Istanbul, Turkey. After my finished her biometrics, we...
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    I-131 Travel Document , How to reach a live customer service rep on the phone ?

    Hi, We applied for the permanent resident travel document I-131 back in November. Initially when we sent our application, we asked the results to be sent the US Consulate in Istanbul , Turkey. My wife finished her biometrics in December. Finally , we tracked our case on USCIS website and it...
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    What is the problem in Nebraska Service Center , I-131 is still pending since November ??

    Hi, We applied for I-131 Re-entry travel document back in November 8,2010. My wife completed her fingerprints in December 21,2010. Since then , we are waiting for Nebraska Service Center to make a decision for our case. When we applied for her GC , it even took less time than I-131? I...
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    I-131 No fingerprint Appointment Yet ?

    Hi, I asked several other questions regarding I-131 travel document process and some of you guys gave really good advice, thanks to all.. We sent our I-131 form to Dallas ,TX lock box. I already received the receipt for the payment, our documents started to process on November 9th, Since...
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    I-131 timeline ?

    Joe , thanks for your detailed reply. I have another question. My wife has a conditional GC at the moment , I believe her 2 year conditional GS will expire August 2012 , this is the expiration date on her GC. Since we already applied for I-131, you mentioned that they will issue re-entry...
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    I-131 timeline ?

    I am a US citizen and my wife has a GC already through our marriage. We are not travelling for my work but I will not be employed through US Government or a US company overseas.
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    I-131 timeline ?

    Hi, We filled out I-131 for my wife on November 8th, our check had been cashed and I received the receipt for the payment. We are planning to move overseas hopefully at the end of January? After receipt notice, when we can expect an appointment date for biometrics ? I am checking the...
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    Long Travel while having conditional GC ?

    thanks joe again, sorry to give you headache. My only concern is since my wife has the conditioned GC and she is traveling with me , I just wonder if we have to visit US 3 months before her conditioned GC expires, in order to remove her conditions and apply for a 10 year GC I assume ? I am not...
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    Long Travel while having conditional GC ?

    Unfortunately it is not a US company or an organization belongs to US.