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    Congressional Relations Texas Service Center

    I got the following message through my congressman. The fingerprints were processed on xx/xx/2010 and name check is completed. I have requested the file and will forward to the officer for adjudication. He should receive a decision or notice of other action withing 45 to sixty days...
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    Biometrics before the the appointment date

    I got my fingerprint notice yesterday(9/21/2009). My appointment is on 10/11/2009. MY question is, can I do my fingerprints before the appointment date?? Has anyone tried that at Alexandria, Virginia ASC or any other ASC?? I am going to be out of town on the appointment date and I don't want...
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    strange response to service request

    I got a strange response to my service request. They have asked me to make infopass appointment at my local office(washington office). MY case is stuck at this office. Has anyone gotten the same kind of response??
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    Senator Webb of Virginia

    Virginia residents. I am looking for people who have contacted Senator Jim Webb or congressman Connolly about their cases. Please share your experience here. I am going to contact either one of them soon. My old congressman Tom Davis retired and the senator I used to deal with also lost...
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    National Visa Center

    Hi this question is for my brother he is a permanent resident. He had filed I130 for his wife. I130 was approved quota number is available and he has already mailed the packet that was sent to him from National Visa Center. He wants to know what kind of background checks will they do they on his...
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    Administrative Review/Additional Review

    Has any one recently got approved after being stuck in administrative,additional or extended review?? MY AOS was stuck in name check first now it is stuck in administrative review(learnt that from my congressman).
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    Transferred to Washington DC local INS office for Interview

    I am starting this new thread for people who have employment based cases pending at Washington office. Any one whose case was transferred to this office and waiting for the interview letter please post here. People who recently had their interviews at this office please post your experiences...
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    Police Certificate from Pakistan Template

    Can anyone tell me the procedure for getting a police certificate for spouse's family based immigration case from Pakistan?? If anyone could post the template for the police certificate, I would really appreciate it.
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    Pending I-485 Applications at Field Offices

    Has anyone contacted Mr Khatri by filing DHS Form 7001?? I am particulary interested in hearing from people who have cases pending at DC office. I found this information in Sheela Murthy's latest news letter. Pending I-485 Applications at Field Offices The Ombudsman's Office has been urging...
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    last updated date

    Does the local office also update the online status or the luds?? My last updated date has changed but the message has stayed the same. Has anyone experienced the same thing??