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    Biometrics appointment & photo id

    Hi everyone My daughter recieved her FP appointment and I was wondering if any of you have ever brought just a national id to the appointment because thats all she has. Should I bring the translation for it also?
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    out of status question?

    Hi, I filed I-130 for my two children when I was green card holder. I have recently become a U.S citizen. Now, I filed AOS along with other forms for my daughter last week. My children came under me with F-2 visa at the time, but I wasn't able to pay for the forms and didn't know any better...
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    What is RFE?

    N-400 sent to TX,Lewisville on 9/9/2009 Received by SC on 9/10/2009 Check cashed by USCIS on 9/15/2009 Received NOA on 9/18/2009 Online status changed to "sent RFE-Request for Evidence" on 9/25/2009 I am kind of worried that I haven't received this notice in the mail yet. Today is...
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    I have a citizenship application question

    Hi, My question is: I have been legal resident for 7 years. I want to apply for citizenship but I had an arrest exactly 4 years ago which there was a warrant on me for 26.32 dollars and when I was pulled over by a police officer for 5 miles over the speeding limit , I found. They took me to...