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    H1B Will expire 6 month short of completion of J1 waiver

    You can file for H1B extension if you have an approved I140 The I-485 should not have been denied, NIW allows you to file for 1-140 and 485 together, even before the 3 yrs in H1B are completed. That is ofcourse if your dates are current and you are not from a retrogressed country.
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    Need Help!

    Your situation is complicated. Get a good immigration lawyer. Regarding visiting US for CS, most people take B1 visa, but that may not be possible for you, as you have already shown intent to immigrate.
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    Primary J1 waiver should not use EAD until 3 years are up, is this still true?

    1. You have to get your I-140NIW approved first, BEFORE you can file for EAD and Advance parole. You cant file I-485/EAD and AP unless priority dates are current. This is due to retrogression for India. Presently priority date for EB2 is sep 2006. 2. Once you get I 140 filed and approved, you...
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    Would you do it again?

    I feel many people loose perspective when they are in our situation. Repeatedly listening to sob stories of other people and reading about how the "system" is screwing us, will affect us all in a negative way. All I can say is that in my journey, at every stage I met people who were...
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    Would you do it again?

    All the points made by by evryone here are valid, although I dont agree with most of them. Please try to remember why you decided to come here in the first place. We were all adults, no one forced us. We made a decision, based on our life circumstances, that coming to US would be better. We made...
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    NIW in subspeciality after fellowship

    Around 1-2 years ago, USCIS allowed specialist to file NIW. However, not all physicians in HPSA doing there JJ waiver are eligible. Apparently the place you are doing your waiver in should be in a "physician scarcity area" which may not be the same as "health professiona; shortage area". I am...
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    For some reason, when i log in to IV, it says I dont have "permission to view". Never happened before...
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    Can some one paste the update here, I cant seem to open the link even after logging in to IV. Thanks
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    country of birth or country of citizenship

    So does this mean that if you are an Indian citizen, but born in Libya, then you are not subject tp retrogression????? Your priority date would be ROW????
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    A Poorly formed sentence in a law is causing serious doubt

    Dude, if you do any of the above 3, u should see a shrink:D Seriously, dont worry, complete your fellowship and join the waiver job.
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    H1-B to J1

    Hadrons right. By the way, I did Get that new Acura MDX last year and am very pleased with it, lol.
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    H1-B to J1

    If you really wanna do a fellowship, and have a position in a good fellowship program and they wont give it to u on H1, then take it on J1. I know many people who decided to do GC after IM and are now cursing their decision as they couldnt do fellowships and now due to different life...
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    I-130-married -adjustment of status....??

    Ya sure, file for divorce. Better still, take out a life insurance policy on your spouse for millions, and then bump him/her off. You get your GC AND Millions.
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    J1 Waiver Transfer

    I think if u talk to your local state health dept people and let them know how u r being abused, they will be supportive of you for a transfer as long as the transfer is in hpsa. Dont worry and dont allow yourself to be abused any more. Is your employer a "desi"?
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    Retrogression and NIW

    Ya,unfortunately u will have to wait for priority date to get current to get GC. Look at the bright site, u atleast have the option t0 invoke AC21 to change jobs and move around since your 485 is filed.
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    Retrogression and NIW

    Were you able to file your I485?. I heard, u cant file I485 with I140 NIW if u r retrogressed? I have 7 months to complete my 3 years, but dont know when I will able to file I485........................ Retrogression sucks
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    site visit

    Answer my own question Seems like no body ever had this expirience. Let me share what happened: Quick back ground: I started waiver in Tx on July 1st 2005. The Tx state health dept has been calling me every 6 months like clock work, making sure I am still working in the underserved area, so...
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    site visit

    Has anyone in texas had a site visit from the state health department? I got a message today from the conrad 30 contact guy that they are planning a site visit. Anyone with prior expirience please let me know what to expect. Thanx
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    Got My I485 Receipt Notice - Applied on July 2 nd

    Filed 27th July. Received at Nebraska on 29july. Check encashed esterday. Cant read the priority no. on back. It looks like starting with DRC