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    Approved change of status to E2 and spouse work permit extension

    Hi Guys I just got approval for change of status from J1 to E2, my wife already had a work authorization card, any ideas how she goes about extending it (it ran out 7th Feb). Also does anyone know where I can find the law (in plain English) on the travel restrictions for E2 change of...
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    EB3 or EB2 - which route to go?

    I am a British citizen on a J2 visa - my employer is sponsoring me through PERM which has just been submitted online. If approved I realise that the choice between EB2 and EB3 means current visas beign available or many years wait. I am really just a skilled worker but I wanted to know what...
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    When to send H1B application?

    With my J1 expiring March next year my employer wishes to apply for an H1B for me. What would happen to my application if it were submitted this month (August 2006) - is there a chance it would be accepted for Oct 2006 as I am already working for the same employer? If not would it be rejected...
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    Clarification of change of status while waiting I485 pending

    Hello, can anyone help me with a definate correct answer or where to find it!!?? I am on J2 visa and my employer is sponsoring me for PR through PERM. I visited the USCIS offices last week to ask how to stay in the US while my PERM/I140/485 are pending. I have to say that I was not that sure...
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    J2 to PERM

    Hello, I am on a J2 Visa (my husband is the J1) I have an "open" work permit off the back of my J2 visa. I am already working for a small company in a small town - my employer has agreed to sponsor me and we are about to file PERM online. I have a question with the online form - there is an...
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    Labor Certification - J2 to Green Card

    Can anyone give me some advice. I am British and currently in the US on a J2 Visa (my husband is on the J1) I am currently working on a work permit (off my J2 visa). My employer is willing to sponsor me but I am unsure how this will work as I have been working for them since April 05 - is it...
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    J1 to Green Card Help

    Hello, I am here in the US with my husband, he is on a J1 Visa and I am on a J2. I have a work permit and currently have a good permanent job. My problem is that I do not know where to start with an application for permanent residency as I do not have a job offer as I am already working. We...
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    Adopting a US orphan or baby born in US

    Can anyone answer my question? Both my husband and myself are British, if we have a baby while we are here in the US on our 2 Year J1/J2 visa then I beleive the baby has US Citizenship. Does that mean we can also stay in the US?? If we adopt a baby from the US do we stay in the US?
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    Which Visa?

    Hello, can anyone give me any advice. I am here in the US with my husband (from the UK) we are on J1 and J2 visas, we still haev 2 years left of our visas. We want to stay in the US permanently and will do just about anything to do so (legally of course), my husband is training to be a...