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    Urgent.. Bank statement

    Dear friends Please can u answer this... Regarding the bank statement, should this be for a certain time period?? For ex. 3 months or 6 months.... Or I can take only what inside my account at one moment?
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    Postdoctoral fellowship

    I am a physician expecting green card during 2014.. I am looking for a postdoctoral fellow position while preparing for the boards.. Can any one give me advice or help in getting one? Thanks alot
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    Schools in USA

    Dear forum friends Regarding schools in USA, when is the start date for the 2014/2015 school year? And if one comes late, is it easy to introduce the. Children into school there? And do u know how much does it cost per year or simister?
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    Question about vaccination

    Is it mandatory to present a vaccination document when doing the medicals? My wife cannot find her vaccination document , given that I am the principal applicant and I have my vaccination certificate available. Thanks for help