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    Fifth circuit decision regarding derivative citizenship

    An interesting relatively recent (April 20, 2012) decision from the Fifth Circuit federal appeals court concerning derivative U.S. citizenship: The case demonstrates the difference between the Child...
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    USCIS is requesting comments on its customer service model

    The USCIS posted an official request for comments regarding its customer service model and regarding transitioning to electronic processing. See...
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    Alabama's new law

    Alabama's new immigration law seems to be considerably stricter than Arizona's: In particular, the police are allowed to detain a person after a traffic stop if they have a "reasonable suspicion" the person is in...
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    I-130 and naturalization

    Suppose a GC holder submitted an I-130 for his wife in the second family preference category, the I-130 got approved and the GC holder subsequently got naturalized and became a U.S. citizen. Can this approved I-130 then be used by this naturalized citizen to apply for I-485 for his wife...
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    New USCIS policy memo for EB1 cases

    USCIS issued a new policy memo, dated Dec 22, 2010, regarding processing EB1-EA and EB1-OR cases, see
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    Proposed bill regarding de-naturalization

    Well, that did not take long ....
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    Global Entry enrollment experience

    I would like to share my experience with enrolling in the Global Entry program. If you don't know what it is, see Basically, the program allows you to bypass the passport control line when entering the U.S. and go directly to a...
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    Replacing a lost/stolen passport while travelling abroad

    This is a hypothetical question, but has anyone here dealt with having to replace a U.S. passport if it is lost or stolen while travelling abroad? I looked up the procedures posted at the websites of a few U.S. consulates and they all require providing a proof of U.S. citizenship in such...
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    When is the case transferred to a local DO?

    I sent my N-400 to the Nebraska Service Center in early December 2006. The receipt date was Dec 6, 2007 and I did my fingerprinting on Jan 11, 2007. After that I seem to have gotten stuck in the dreaded Name Check. A few days ago I had an INFOPASS appointment in Chicago, where they confirmed...
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    medical exam/ TB immunization

    I am posting this on behalf of a friend who is going to file I-485 soon. As myself, he is from the former Soviet Union. It is a common practice there to give people TB shots using a "live" vaccine. (I think this practice is also common in some other countries). That is what I received and...
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    trips abroad documentation

    I have a question for those who have already gone through naturalization interviews. N-400 asks to list the dates of all trips abroad since becoming an LPR. I did that. I would like to know if during the interview the IO asks for some sort of documentation regarding the dates of these...
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    Could someone please explain what the abbreviation LUD means? Thanks!
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    online case status

    Does the online case status for N-400 change when they send out a Fingerprint appointment notice or the Interview letter? (I assume not but would like to know for sure) Thanks!
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    tax return transcripts

    I have a question regarding the requirement to submit trascripts or certified copies of tax returns for the last 5 years with N-400. My LPR status started on 03/01/2002 and I am planning to file N-400 in early January of 2007. This will be before I am able to file the 2006 tax return, since...
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    Middle name

    Hi, I have a question regarding filling out N-400. In several places there it asks for the "full middle name". I don't actually have one, being from Russia. I do have a patronimic but I have never used it as a middle name in the U.S. However, when I applied for a GC, INS decided to assign...
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    What happens if a GC is lost while abroad?

    Does anyone here know what happens if a GC is lost or stolen while a P.R. are travelling abroad? As I understand it, a U.S. consulate abroad can issue some sort of a temorary document allowing reentry. Is this correct? If yes, exactly what kind of a document is it? And what kind of proof will...
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    Continuous presence question

    Hi, My I-485 was approved on March 1, 2002 so it should be possible for me to file N-400 in January 2007. Up to this point I only had a few fairly short trips out of the U.S. However, in 2006 I will be absent from the U.S. for 7 months from early January untill the end of July. This will...
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    plastic card story-NSC

    I want to share my plastic card story. My I-485 was approved by the Nebraska Service Center on March 1, 2002. On March 18, 2002 I went to the Chicago INS and had my (first) passport stamping done. I was told that my I-89 paperwork will be forwarded to NSC and that I should get the card within...
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    h1 to j1

    Does anyone know if it is possible to change status from H1 to J1? Thanks!
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    H1 to J1

    Does anyone know if it is possible to change status from H1 to J1? Thanks!