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    Parents applying for N-400(US Citizenship)

    My parents are couple of months away before they can apply for N-400(U.S Citizenship) and am trying to do the math regarding 'Physical Presence' and 'Continuous Residence' Appreciate your help. Resident Since 8/8/2009 4 years and 9 months 5/9/2014...
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    OCI Checklist for Minor

    We applied for OCI card(for our kid born in the US) and below was the checklist. Hopefully this will be helpful to others. Myself and my spouse are naturalized US citizens. We made two copies of all of the below documents. The serial number matches the OCI instructions. 1 OCI Online...
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    OCI Application (Travisa Houston) - Document Checklist

    Following are the checklist that were sent as part of the OCI application(Hopefully this will help others in the same boat :) ) The documents were sent via USPS Priority Mail to the following address: Travisa India Outsourcing Attention: OCI Mail Department - ID# XXXXXXXXX 4100...
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    I-751 - last name change

    Has anyone been able to change their last name during ROC(Removal of Conditions) process? If so, please share your experiences... Does updating the I-751 form with the actual name you want suffice? or is there more to it?
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    Blood Test(s)

    Quest and LabCorp are the biggest franchise(s) that do Blood Test(s) but I believe they take Insurance only or charge you exorbitant prices! Where else would uninsured or under-insured go to get affordable or cheaper blood test(s) done?
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    Parent's Health Insurance

    I know this Q has been asked several times but I would like to ask again! Does your employer allow you to add your parents(as dependents) to your health insurance coverage? or do you know any employer that does it? If YES, please post details here..
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    FP done at another ASC center?

    Received FP notices today for my parents and its scheduled for 06/02/2009. They are in another state and travelling at the moment. Can they goto the nearest ASC center(I can mail them the FP notices) or does it have to be at the location specified in the letter? Has anyone walked-into...
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    May 2009 AOS filers

    May 2009 I-130 and AOS filers I'll most likely file for my parents end of April and anticipate getting NOA's in May. Am posting in multiple threads since some threads die quickly than others and the list of documents below could help future filers. Here are some caveats: 1. I don't have a...
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    Medical examination, Shots for Parents in Raleigh, NC

    I looked up the list of USCIS approved civil surgeons in the Raleigh, NC and am getting quotes of about $500 each for my parents. They are in their 60s. Isn't $500 each on the high end? Can someone recommend any other doctors/clinic in the Raleigh, NC area? Regards.
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    IR-5 : Sponsoring Parents for LPR while in the US

    I have been considering sponsoring my parents for LPR(aka Green Card) and need some clarification. Background Info: Parents are on Visitor's visa legally in the US and their I-94 expires in July 2009. 1. Its my understanding that I need to fill-in the following forms : I-130 and I-485 for each...
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    CGI, Houston passport delays

    I find it hard to understand what takes them so long to affix the sticker and mail the passports the next day??? Is there a way to sue CGI so they disclose their processing methods and/or to find out if they have adequate staff? This will be helpful to rest of the applicants down the...
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    PIO fees increased!

    CGI just posted a new fee structure for PIO and the fee has increased for adults and minors.. Fee Schedule for PIO Card Scheme For Minors $ 185 For Adults $ 365 I only hope the service provided improves along with this fee increase...I don't see...
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    Refund of Expedite Passport Fees

    I had requested Refund of fees paid for Expedited service early in July and received a refund check last week.. I would encourage others to do the same if they believe that they did not receive expedited service.. Link:
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    Atlanta Visa Camp - Aug 4th

    Am wondering if there are/is anyone else intending to goto the Atlanta Visa Camp this weekend... Thanks.
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    Expedited Passport Timeline

    I applied for US Passport(expedited) on May 31st, 2007 and the check was cashed on June 4th,2007 so far, the passport status does not show up on the website. It does however say if the application has been sent by Express Mail(Which I did), the status should appear in few days. Is anyone else...
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    Chennai consulate K-1 timeline and processing experience

    I would appreciate if someone can share their K-1 saga at the Chennai consulate. Thanks.
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    K-1 timeline

    I would like to start a thread to keep track of the K-(Fiancee) Visa approval process.. Please post your timeline in this thread. I sent my application on 05/31/2007 and awaiting receipt.
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    USCIS new fees effective July30th, 2007

    USCIS released final fee schedule this morning: N-400 fees will go upto $ does a bunch of other fees.
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    proposed immigration reform package offers to scrap family-based visas

    Something of an interest to all would-be citizens considering applying for family based visas. "US President George Bush will reportedly move for the elimination of all family-based immigrant visas"
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    Traffic Court Disposition

    I went into the clerk's office this morning and requested a court disposition order for traffic citations. The clerk initially was not sure what I had asked...After a bit of explanation, I was surprised to see the clerk simply fill out a form(hand-written) for the x number of citations and then...