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    Sponsoring my Canadian daughter - permanent resident

    Hi, I got my greencard through employment back in 2010. Now my 16 year-old daughter who is Canadian joined my new family here in the US and we plan to sponsor her for permanent residence. I have not checked any immigration subjects or news for the last couple of years. Are there any...
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    Waiting for EB2 AOS and my wife's DV becomes current in December - switch to DV AOS?

    Hi everyone, I have a question that really matters to me, hopefully, someone can help sharing suggestions or recommendations on it. My employer applied for employment-based concurrent I-140/I-485 for me under EB2 category late-August this year. It is already December but the I-140 has not...
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    3 weeks of filing tomorrow - still no receipt

    Hi everyone, Tomorrow will be the third week of filing for my concurrent I-140/AOS, however, no receipt from USCIS has been received so far by the attorney. It was a Labor Day in September, but 3 weeks is a pretty long time. I remember getting receipts within a week of filing date. Any...
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    Is passport necessary for fingerprinting appointment?

    Hello, My wife is currently renewing her passport with the consulate and had to send her existing passport there. It may take from 2 to 4 months, nobody knows exactly. Is her passport absolutely necessary to present during the fingerprinting appointment? Will other IDs, such as driver's...
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    Question about DOL Form ETA 9089

    Hello folks. After working for my employer for 1.5 years as a Sr. Software Engineer, they finally decided to go for my PERM. It is becoming very hard to get approved for DOL because of the current economic situation and filling out the paperwork correctly in the first place is critical...
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    It is getting worse...

    Copied from this website: 02/04/2009: Alarming Latest PERM Application Denial Statistics * AILA has reported that in the first quarter of FY 2009 (October 1, 2008 thru December 31, 2008), Atlanta National Processing Center processing record...
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    Job description

    I don't want to jinx it, since it is way to early at this point, but it seems like the HR has decided to move towards the sponsorship. I know it will be a long and unpredictable process... but the ice has broken :) and hopefully, the company will be ok too despite the economic situation. My...
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    Wife with pending TD application while H4 got approved

    Hello everyone, I already wrote earlier that I had applied to extend my wife's TD status back in March. It's been over 6 months already but the case is still pending. With a little bit of luck I got my H-1B this year and she got her H4 that will start in October. As the attorney mentioned...
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    Company HR is playing game and delays GC process

    I think I am stuck and would like to hear other peoples' opinions with similar situations... The large company that I have been working for since last May(first as a contractor and then full-time) was kind enough to get me from TN to H-1B. The TN ->GC route was not usual to them and their...
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    3-year TN status

    09/11/2008: Good News for Canadian and Mexican Professionals - Three-Year TN "Final" Regulation Approved by OMB Yesterday * The long awaited three-year TN visa reform will come into reality soon as the OMB cleared yesterday the "final rule" of the 3-Year TN visas for Canadian and Mexican...
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    Waiting for TD extension for almost 2 months

    I applied for renewing my wife's TD status back in March. The receipt notice date says March 19, but no answer has been received from CIS yet. And it's almost 2 months already. Last year it took less than a month to get the approval. Why is taking so long this time? I think that they changed...
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    If H1-B application is denied, TN is still valid?

    I have a simple question.... What happens is the H1-B application is denied by USCIS for some reason? Will the current TN status be still valid and not affected by the denial of the new H1-B change of status request? Thanks.
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    H1 reality in the US
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    New bill proposed - another glimpse of light at the end of the H1-B tunnel?
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    New bill proposed - another glimpse of light at the end of the H1-B tunnel?

    Quoted from Sen. Cornyn (TX) Introduced Global Competitivess Act of 2008 in the Senate on 04/10/2008 * Last Thursday, Senator Cornyn from Texas introduced this bill , S. 2839, which has been referred for action to the Senate Judiciary Committee...
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    Stupid FedEx lost my H1-B package!!!!(((

    My employer petitioned for h1-b for me and the lawyer sent everything on the 31st of March to arrive on April 1st. I just called the fedex because the status of the package never changed after April 1 and they said it was misplaced or something.... put a trace on it.... **ck!!!!! How is that...
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    TD extension - TN received at the border, no USCIS Receipt# available.

    Hello, I have another questions regarding the TD extension for my wife. The I-539 application asks about the I-129 application filed at the same time or a receipt showing that I-129 is being processed. Since I received my TN status at the border last November, I did not need to submit I-129...
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    TD extension - new I-539 form

    My wife needs her extension filed soon. I downloaded the latest revision of I-539 from the official USCIS website and noticed that the form was updated with new questions. One of the new questions says: "Are you currently or have you ever been a J-1 exchange visitor or a J-2 dependent of a...