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    FBI name check

    My husband's case is pending in Chicago. It is been 16 months after filing and 7 months after the interview (more than 120 days). Does it make sense to file 1447(b) if we know for a fact that his name check isn't completed? What decision can USCIS make if the decision isn't really theirs? What...
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    I-130 for my brother

    Hi, I filed I-130 for my brother and it is currently pending (initial review). I don't expect any issues with approval as it is a fairly simple case. My brother is in Russia and usually comes here every few months for work or a visit with us. 1) what additional documents does he need when he...
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    I-130 for my brother

    I recently became a US citizen and would like to file I-130 for my brother and his family. The big question is, of course, the immigrant intent that comes with I-130 and what to do with B1/B2 visas for the next 10 years. He comes here often (once a year for as long as I've lived here - 10...
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    Name change

    My green card has one name (first name) and my foreign passport has another. The difference is primarily in the spelling due to transliteration as the name is the same. The last names are identical. The middle names are too. I noticed that all NOAs related to the citizenship case have my foreign...
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    Travel after interview, before oath

    The website says that the interview has been scheduled on 8/12 but I don't know yet when the interview is taking place. I need to leave the country for a few days in late September - for a conference. I really want to go - my paper was accepted. Can I travel in between the interview and the...
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    FBI name check

    I am a very old user who hasn't attended this website in over five years. We filed for GC in 2002 and it took me around two years to obtain mine but my husband's got stuck in the FBI name check for over four years. The only reason his application was approved without a lawsuit was because there...
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    Can I extend my TN if I hold an approved I140

    I heard it would be difficult for me to get an extension for my TN after I was laid off and the company that laid me off had an approved I140 for me. I was waiting for EB3 to be current and couldn't file for I485. Is there anything I can do?
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    Can I still add my daughter to I485 application?

    Can I still add my daughter to I485 application if the primary I485 is approved and dependent (wife) is still pending?
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    No EB3 visa numbers till October

    I was at the interview today and was told that even though I am approvable they can't stamp my passport because the EB3 visa pool is dry. I am not from the affected countries and my PD is 1998, but evidently it doesn't matter as all visas have been used (27% of the overall employment-based...
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    Second approval notice, six mo after GC received

    Surprisingly I got another set of approval e-mails - six months after I received my GC. Don't know what happened. My husband's case (I am primary) is still pending in the local office, waiting for an interview. What the hell is going on? Anyone in the same situation?
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    Changing jobs, dependent still pending

    I got my GC approved three months ago and now I would like to change my job and also move to a different state. The problem is that my husband's 485 is still pending (in the local office). What should I do? Can I affect his approval in any way? Do I have to file AC21 even though my (primary)...
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    Pending FBI name check reasons

    I would like to start this post to understand if there is any similarity between cases that are waiting for the name checks to clear. I don't think it is related to any immigration details, more like the person himself, name, country of birth, country of education, foreign military records...
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    InfoPass information appointment

    I just scheduled an Info appointment for 01/04/05 to find out the status of my transferred case (don't have any information after the transfer). What documents would be useful for it?
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    Plastic card 60-day limit

    The USCIS website says: "If you were granted permanent resident status or entered the U.S. with an immigrant visa more than 60 days ago and have not received your first permanent resident card, please call 1-800-375-5283" 60 days from the approval date or PS date? Has anyone called this...
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    A trip to Mexico with just a stamp

    Am I allowed to visit Mexico or Canada with just a stamp in my passport or I will have to acquire a visa from their embassies to enter these countries? It would be nice to hear about someone's real experience instead of just guesses. My lawyer said that "You would need to check with the Mexican...
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    Is stamping required?

    Sorry for my ignorance, but is stamping a required process or just something to get by with while waiting for the real thing? I hear that it only takes 8-10 weeks to get the green card, so why go for stamping if it isn't necessary?
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    Approval after expedite request in three days!

    I sent an expedite fax to VSC on 11/11 and got approved today! Spouse's case transferred to Chicago. ND Feb'02 Three EADs Three APs Two FPs
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    Transfer after expedite request

    My spouse's case was transferred to the local office four days after an expedite request was filed (Feb'02) case. Surprisingly the transfer notice doesn't say anything about scheduling an interview. It just says that "the local office will send you a written decision as soon as processing is...
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    Is there anyone out there with the pending security check?

    I just got a reply back from the VSC liaison that says that my case is delayed due to the security check backlog. My case is Feb02. Does anyone know if there is a certain time limit within which the security check must be completed or I can wait indefinitely? How many people on this site in...
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    Third FP

    Has anyone had to go through threee fingerprints? I am a Feb02 filer (no RFE, 3EADs, 2FPs, LUD - 3/03) and my 2FP will expire in less than a month. I am just wondering if anyone's seen any cases like that on this site?...