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    Family based IV question

    No, that will not affect the case in any way.
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    My expired green card already has my fingerprint and my photo?! Cant they use that Info for I-751?

    Yes it does. USCIS implemented a biometrics storage system, BSS in May 2007. That system should remove the need to retake fingerprints as they can resubmit prints to the FBI as often as they want. They retake fingerprints probably because of their inefficiencies or for the $80 fee....nobody...
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    245I Green Card Wait time?

    NO, that's not a retrogression but an advancement in the dates. If his priority date is April 2001, that's still current in September. PD moving to October 2001 means all with PD prior to that date can still submit AOS in September. Or am I missing something here?
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    Got 485 Approval... Any harm is telling my employer about it?

    Your H1 has also become invalid by virtue of your I-485 approval. Once you have your GC you need to update your employment information with your employer because it is yours and their responsibility to ensure you have a proper I-9 on file at all times.
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    Got 485 Approval... Any harm is telling my employer about it?

    No, the EAD is invalidated by the I-485 approval.
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    I-130 pending, PD current. I-485 application- WHat type?

    From the referenced murthyforum: Agreed. But how with the priority date be current if I-130 is not yet filed? Isn't it the filing of the I-130 that accord a priority date? Well, thinking about it, I think you may be able to submit the I-485 with the I-130 receipt notice if the priority...
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    I-130 pending, PD current. I-485 application- WHat type?

    Somebody may correct me but I don't think you can file I-485 on the basis of a pending I-130 unless it is for immediate relative category.
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    245I Green Card Wait time?
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    Filing for Married Daughter

    What you refer to is the Service Center processing timeline and not the timeline for the priority date to become current (i.e. visa to become available). For the category you will be filing in, current priority date is 01JAN2002 for Portugal. So your lawyer is correct that the process as...
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    Sibling's son married and over 21

    If he is married, he is no longer consider a child and cannot get the protection of CSPA.
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    Is EAD required if your I-485 is pending ?

    Yes, you may apply for your EAD anytime after it expires.
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    Is EAD required if your I-485 is pending ?

    If you are not using EAD and maintaining your H1 status, then there is no need to apply for EAD renewal. Most people in your similar situation apply for EAD just as a backup to H1 or in situation where they no longer maintain their H1. Personally, I do not see any need to have EAD if you are...
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    Need Help Urgent - I140 Revoked and have 30 days

    What is the reason for revoking his I-140? Is it because his previous employer withdrew the 140? If the revocation is due to employer withdrawing the I-140 and not because of fraud and his I-485 has been filed more than 180 days ago, then he should have no problem. Also if his previous...
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    Deportation Notice for Out of Status H4

    You have been out of status for so long and your husband's case has been approved for more than three years that NPT will not work for you at this time. I am afraid, the only option you have now is to wait for your husband to become a citizen. At that time any out of status issue is 'forgiven'...
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    Deportation Notice for Out of Status H4

    Dave, I missed your first post on the below but I have provided answer in this thread:
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    Is EAD required if your I-485 is pending ?

    1. She will not be out of status. She is in a legal status authorized by the Secretary of Homeland Security as long as her I-485 is pending. 2. EAD is not required if she is not working nor is it required to maintain status. 3. If you apply for EAD you do NEED to send the filing fees because...
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    Sibling's son over age 21 - family based immigration

    For purposes of CSPA his age is calculated on the date visa is available as CSPA Age = (Date PD become current) - (Date of birth) - (months it took to adjudicate the I-130) So applying this formuila I think your siblings children should qualify. You do not have to do anything, just submit...
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    Sibling's son over age 21 - family based immigration

    To check if the 22 year old is covered by Child Status Protection Act (CSPA), could you tell how long your I-130 was in process? IF more than 12 months, that would make his age for CSPA purposes to be less than 21 and he benefits. The other sons should have no problem since he is still under 21.
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    I485 AOS pending for child who will turn 21 by 2012

    Tola, Please do not post answers that you do not have personal experience about!! If what you posted was your true personal experience then the College was at fault and/or they do not know anything about immigration law. For your information, I filed AOS when my son was 20 and in College. In...