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    My I485 got approved today

    Dear All: Finally I got my I 485 approval e-mail! Details are in my signature. Thanks for everyone in this forum, in providing insight into this crazy process! I assume, I will get my card production ordered e-mail hopefully within the next few days. I have received the e-mail...
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    where to file EAD Renewal?

    Hello Everyone: Please see my case details below in my signature. Although, I have some time left on my current EAD, I would appreciate if someone to clarify the following for me: My emplyer based I 485 had filed with VSC in August 2005 and has been pending since August 2005. In December...
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    FP Issue

    Dear All: I would appreciate if any one can provide some input regarding my FP. My I 485 was filed in VSC in August 2005. I was finger printed soon after filing. My PD is current, but my case stuck in name check. However, my spouse's ( please note I am the primary applicant) name check...
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    I 485 Transfer from VSC to TSC- Anyone?

    Hi guys! Just was wondering, if anyone is in a similar boat? Did your case get transferred from VSC to TSC? Please let me know, as to what happens if the case gets transferred? Any thoughts! Please advise Thanks
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    FP Experience - Newark September 2005

    Just wanted to share my Finger Print ( FP) experience at the Newark done earlier today. Summary: Arrived at the building @ 8am. Left the building at 9am. So just took one hour. Me and my wife had a 8am appointment this morning, and we arrived there just at 8am. It was not possible to go...
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    Any Recent Newark FP Experience

    I & my wife have their FP scheduled for September 1, 2005. We have a 2 year old son and was wondering as to how long the process takes, such as to decide whether to take him along or not. I would appreciate any input. Thank You Regards
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    New to the forum: When DO i receive my FP notice

    Hi Guys: Sorry for such a lame question. I am new to the forum, and I am just applying concurrently for 140, 485, EAD and AP at VSC. When Do i get the finger printing notice at the tail end of the process or before the approval of EADs. Please advise
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    8th year H-1B visa stamping experience in New Delhi

    Does any one have experience with getting their H-1B visa( 7th year and beyond) stamped in New Delhi. Would appreciate any comments. Regards