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    What is "incorporated" after GC

    Hi, Can anyone please let me know what is "incorporated" after GC? How can anyone enrolled there? What are the benefits for that???? Unbelievable.
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    Need Suggestions....relocate to NJ/NY area

    Hi, Currently I live in MA and my current job will end this month. Since I am not finding good jobs in MA trying to relocate to NJ/NY area. I don't have any idea about NJ/NY area about a good/safe place to work and stay with family. Any idea will be greatly appriciated.
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    What documents to take from Employer after GC before leaving the company

    Hi, This could be the question for many people who browse this forum. What documents to take from Employer after GC before leaving the company? This month end I am leaving my company. And also how to claim unemplyment benefits? Any comments....Please
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    PP Stamping question

    Hi, Can I make an appointment for PP stamping in JFK Building, MA? Today I received my courtesy copy and my lawyear told me to make an appointment, so it will be faster. Is that possible?
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    I don't believe, I don't believe, I don't believe

    Hi, Today morning I found out that my wife's LUD has changed and not mine and message is the old message. Just now I checked again and I found out that my LUD has changed. So, I clicked the link and it says Application Type: I485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or to Adjust...
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    Lud 7/2/04, Rd 2/14/03, BUT.....

    Hi, Our case has been touched today (7/2/04). My wife's message got changed from the notice of fingerprint to On July 16, 2003, the results of your fingerprint review for your I485 Application to Register Permanent Residence or to Adjust Status were received, and processing has resumed on...
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    2nd EAD received....BUT

    Hi, We have received our 2nd EAD last friday but STILL the card shows "No Fingerprint Available". Why? My status shows for 1485 On May 30, 2003, the fingerprints for your I485 Application to Register Permanent Residence or to Adjust Status were collected and are pending review. Any...
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    How is Online Courses?

    Hi, I am thinking of doing MS here but through online. Is there anybody who can guide me to right direction like is this type of online courses have some value in the job market or not, which college is better etc.etc. Anyway I am here in USA for last 5+ here. My status is AOS. I am a...
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    2nd EAD Approved.

    Our 2nd EAD approved today. I received four emails today from USCIS. Why four should be two??? 2nd EAD RD 2/2/04 -> 6/21/04 2nd AP RD 4/26/04 -> ???? I485 RD 2/14/03 -> ???? Unbelievable ;) ;)
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    What is the best time to go to JFK(Boston) for Interim EAD

    Hi, What is the best time to go to JFK building in Boston for Interim EAD? Anyone, any experience please, share. Unbilievable :confused:
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    Documents needed for EAD in Local Office?

    Hi, My wife had crossed 90 days of filing her EAD and now she wants to go to the local office (JFK Building in MA) to get the Interim EAD. Can anyone please let me know what documents she needs to carry and what time is the good time to go? Compiled from the forum ================= 1>...
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    Partly done 485 Medical...Please help.

    Hi, When I file my 140 & 485, my wife was pregnent so we could not do all the medical test. We did partly and we send it along with 485. Now my question is, Can we now complete the other part of the medical testing send it to USCIS or I will wait till I get RFE. I want others opinion...
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    AP Stamping at POE

    Hi, Before applying for the renewal of our AP, I just looked at the AP which has a stamped onto it. This stamp has been given at the POE. We used the AP last time while entering USA. In the stamp there are two dates. One date is the date we entered USA but what is the other date which is...
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    Please recheck my AP Renewal list

    Hi, I will be applying for our 2nd AP by myself. Following are the list of documents that I wanted to send. I have taken this information from this forum. For Me ===== 1. Application 2. Check for $110 3. 2 ADIT Photoes. 4. Cover letter 5. I485 Receipt Copy 6. DL Copy 7. I-140...
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    Do the followings.... 1. Go to . 2. Type WMD 3. Hit I'm Felling Lucky. 4. Read the whole page. Have fun Unbelievable.:D
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    EAD renew in between work

    Hi, My wife's EAD will expire on 04.02.04 and filed for renew of Rcvd. Date 02.04.04. Now can she take work beacuse before getting the renewed EAD, the present will get expired. Can she continue work after the present EAD get expired and not getting the renewed EAD? Please help...
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    Applying to renew my EAD...Please help.

    Hi, What I need to send...? For my Wife 1. I765 form 2. Check 3. Both side copy of old EAD 4. I485 Receipt. 5. Two photos. 6. Current status approval notice 7. Marriage Certificate For Me 1. I765 form 2. Check 3. Both side copy of old EAD 4. I485 Receipt. 5. Two photos...
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    Time to renew AP+EAD...Please advice

    Hi, Our AP+EAD will expire on Apr, 2nd 04. Today my wife and our daughter reached India. I will be flying on 6th Feb'04. We will be using our AP while coming back to USA which is on Feb 27th, 04. I am woking in H1B now. My question is, Can I apply to renew for AP+EAD for us now? Is...
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    Interesting Article
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    I-140 Approved but Strange :confused:

    EAC03082xxxxx On 26th June online status says "this case has been approved on 26th June....." and this message stays until day before yesterday. Today morning I wanted to check the status again I saw "this case has been approved on 30th June.....". Why dates are changing? Any idea? With...