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    If reform for illegals included, Let us say NO to reform

    Tell your cowboy relative to come to CA and work harder to feed the family, just like his Mexican co workers who do that everyday. All illegal immigrants want is the same as your relative wants, a family with a full tummy. And about legal immigrants, those who gloriously "wait in line", to me...
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    About sealed envelope on passport

    Go this question from my friend Got my F-1 visa approved and when I picked up my passport from delivery service, there was an envelope stapled to passport with my name on it so I opened it. It had my i20 and admissions letter, I just read it and put it back. Now I read everywhere I should...
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    Previous Marriage End Dates

    He got the green card in the last 5 years thru one of his US citizen daughters. So nothing to do w/ the marrriages. This whole thing happened almost 35 years ago in the 70's. The divorce process and the country where he is from was pretty much in the stone ages. I think the divorce execution...
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    Previous Marriage End Dates

    Two of my friends are applying for citizenship, and one of them was married before 1 time. His divorce papers show an execution date which is 6 months AFTER the date he got married to the current spouse. (Marriage was in June 1976, and divorce papers show execution date of January 1977). They...
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    Visa Bulletin

    Does anybody know why the Visa Bulltetin dates for Family Preference (1, 2A and 2B especifically) have gone back by more than a year? Look at the December dates compared to current dates. Do these dates fluctuate that much?
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    If reform for illegals included, Let us say NO to reform

    Illegal immigrants are the product of TRUE labor supply and demand. They are here becasue WE NEED them here, if you see 12 million illegals, it's because 12 million vacant, unwanted jobs don't have good-ole cowboys applying for them. If you or your friends want to apply for a job to pick up...
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    Will a US permanent resident lose status if they apply for residency in another country?

    For RealCanadian that's unfortunately a chronic problem. Somehow he/she has the necessity to feel like an immigration officer, or some type of police wannabe. About your question, you residence status in another country and the benefits you receive for that is your own businees with that...
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    Urgent help required Green Card by marriage

    if you are going to get married to a us citizen, usually the USCIS overlooks the fact that you went out of status. They'll forgive you in other words. This only applies to family petitions by Immediate family members.
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    Living with an undocumented relative

    I know a couple who are grandparents and are applying for citizenship. They have lived with their daughter and her child for the last 3 years. The daughter is undocumented (overstayed her tourist visa 4 years ago). The child is a citizen. They are concerned because they have not only lived...
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    Rent Assistance programs

    How can I find out if a program is "means tested public assiatance". For example the Rent Assistance Vouchers for low income families. Are they "means tested" as defined in the Affidavit of Support form I-134? I ask, because that form only talks about 1) Food Stamp, 2) Sup Income, and 3)...
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    Serious And Unsual Green Card Asked To Surrender By Ado

    congratulations on finally getting this recolved. Not sure if i missed this on your posts, but the day you surrendered your card and signed that letter did you get a copy and the name/# of the officer you spoke with? you thinkmight have helped I was also surprised the USCIS has 37...
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    GC processing for parent of USC with under 21 children

    It is what it are RIGHT. But it is unfair...I have the right to say that. By the way....if he's so knowledgable, then it should be easy for him to see that there is somethihg wrong when a US citizen at 21 years old, cannot bring his parents without saying, sorry little brother or...
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    GC processing for parent of USC with under 21 children

    A US citizen's desire to have his family inside the same country is a "personal choice"???? Are you that dishearted, or that out of touch with what real "family values" are? what planet are you from? Is the USCIS paying you to be their advocates?...whats the matter?...You guys just need to...
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    GC processing for parent of USC with under 21 children

    You keep embarrsing yourself here. At 18 they come to college, and at 21 they want to bring their parents. That does NOT make them "family values" hypocrats like this gov. And...Affidavits can have other sponsors/co-signers. You know this...whats wrong with you.
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    Divorce after filing I-751 jointly. Chances to be denied???

    Agree.. :) tempting. I'd say wheather the storm a little longer...divorce takes times and is best to do it in a civil manner with your partner, take your time....also realize that people get wierd when divorce out for yourself. Don't give the USCIS any reason to doubt you...
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    GC processing for parent of USC with under 21 children

    You and Real Canadian need to start using your brains...There are thousands of USC's living abroad that come here when they turn 21, or at 18 when they go to college, and they want to bring their families here as well. Going to college has nothing to do with breaking up a family. But stupid...
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    GC processing for parent of USC with under 21 children

    Pretty dumb assumption then by the USCIS. I have two sisters 11 years apart from me. If I was 21 and wanted to bring my parents here, the 10 year olds would just be stuck without parents, or I would be the one without my parents. Again...gotta love those "family values".
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    GC processing for parent of USC with under 21 children

    wow...has the law changed rencently on this??...i must have been very uninformed in the past. I thought that sponsoring parents, when they become GC holders their children can also immigrate with them. Sorry if i caused confusion...but i see it...if a USC is ABLE to apply for a relative he/she...
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    GC processing for parent of USC with under 21 children

    what do you mean NO? the answer is YES, if a USC applies for his/her parents and the parents have children they will acompny them as long as they are under 21.
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    Stimulus Checks

    I get questions from friends about these IRS checks coming in May. 1) Will new US Permananet Residents (that came here thru family sponsor) get the checks if their first ever tax return filed was 2007? 2) What about other non-immigrants? F-1/J-1 students...working and filing taxes with...