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    filing for new I-485 while prior I-485 is pending?

    My I-485 was filed based on my dependent status based on my dad's EB application back in 2007. I just got married to a US citizen and I was wondering if I still had to have her file for I-131 for me and another I-485. I was wondering if the fee can be waivered for the I-485 application since...
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    applying for a new AP and leaving while on old valid AP?

    Dear gurus!, My primary applicant is on I-485 pending (EB3) and currently has an AP which expires in November. He is outside the country now and was wondering if he could come to the US, apply for an AP and leave within a week (before AP approval). I understand that you cannot leave the US...
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    US medical student filing for green card before residency

    So I am a humble medical student attending a US medical school on I-485 dependent pending (based on the July 2007 fiasco). It seems like the gc is gonna take forever to process so I wanted to file for my own gc when I graduate from med school. Would I qualify for NIW right when I graduate or...
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    dependent i-485 active when primary abandonment

    I am over 21 and my I-485 was filed for in 2007. My primary left the country on AP (father) and was wondering if he did not return, would my application still be valid since my I-485 was already filed 4 years ago and I am still in the US and working. Thanks! Soda
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    extension of AP overseas?

    My mother is in india and her AP is going to end on there any way she can have it extended in india itself? Thanks Soda
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    H1B for radiographers?

    Are there any agents who can help in recruiting a radiology tech to the US? Thanks Soda
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    confusing F-1 and OPT question.

    Hi, I'm asking this question on behalf of my brother who is on an F-1 visa and completing his Bachelor's degree. After he graduates from his university, he wishes to get a an OPT and while he is doing that, get into graduate school. Since this OPT was given to him based on his completion of his...
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    approval of dependents I-485 first?

    Has it ever happened (and does it usually happen) where a dependent's I-485 gets approved first before the primary applicant's? Also do dependents get separate interviews for their I-485s or is it necessary for the primary applicant to be there?
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    Advanced parole -length of time for approval?

    How long does it take to get an Advanced Parole after filing for it? Can I travel with just the receipt for it?
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    I-485 and aging I need F-1?

    I'm on an H-4 visa and it should expire by this december. I do have my I-485 receipt with me. Do I need to apply for an F-1 visa or will this AOS receipt protect me to stay legally in the US? Thanks
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    predicted Priority dates for EB3 (India) from October onwards?

    I'm thinking that the PD for EB3 (India) for October 2007 should be around 2004. What do you think?
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    Question about tranferring OPT

    I just completed my associate's degree in commmunity college and I was on OPT. I got accepted to another University to complete my Bachelor's degree in my field. Is there any way I can get an OPT without much loss of time with the new transfer?
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    degree requirement for a respiratory therapist (for H1B)? (Inverted degree issue)

    Hey everyone, I'm right now working on my associate's degree in respiratory therapy in the US. I'm right now on an H-4 visa and in the hopsitals, respiratory therapists dont need a bachelor's degree to work. Do I necessarily need a Bachelor's degree in respiratory therapy to get an H1B? The BS...
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    length of time to get a green card for allied health workers?

    How long will it take for an allied health professional (respiratory therapist on an H-1B) to get a green card after filing through PERM, and I-140 and I-485 concurrently? How long would you estimate it to be? Thanks Soda
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    Physician Assistants filing for NIW

    Can PAs come under the NIW if they decide to work in an undeserved area as the primary care provider for 5 years?
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    chances of green card for H2B visa holder?

    What are the chances of an H2B visa holder working in a hospital ( respiratory therapy) in getting a green card? Thanks
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    question about Bachelor's degree issue for H-1B for US grads.

    I'm pursuing my associate's degree in respiratory therapy after which I would like to get my bachelor's degree in respiratory herapy just to get a job offer. But one doesnt need a bachelor's degree in respiratory therapy to practice. Is it ok if I could get another bachelor's degree like allied...
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    is it true that the people in the US will get their Notification letters first?

    Would we get it the earliest? If so around what month? Thanks
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    where can I find the PD for my case---labor cert or I-140?

    I'm on an EB-3 and i got my PD as stated in my labor certification to be in 2004. IF I get an I-140 approval, would there be another PD given to me?
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    can I file for I-485 after I-140 even without a visa being available?

    I'm going to go ahead and apply for my I-140 soon. So if I get it approved, can I immediately file for I-485 even though I know that there wouldnt be a visa number available? This is because I'm from India and their quotas get filled fast. Please advice Thanks