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    Passport Biographic Data Page Question?

    Hello to everyone and Congratulations to those who have completed their cases. I need some guidance. My mom's case entered its final stage. We have sent out the DS-230 package with all the required forms about a month ago. Today the system was updated to notify us that the Passport biographic...
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    What type of money order?

    I just reread the NVC paperwork and they said that all money orders must be from a US bank. Do they accept money orders from the US postal Service?
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    Jenimmi and others!

    Hi, and congratulations on the progress oregarding your parents' cases. You wrote that you have had your dad send you the DS-3032 form and then you mailed it yourself to NVC. Is that correct? I am thinking about having my mom scan to email her form to me, print it and mail it to NVC. Do you...
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    What's the best way to contact NVC?

    Hi guys: What's the best way to contact NVC via mail: FedEx, DHL, UPS, Post Office Overnight Express, or Post Office Priority Mail? Thank you,
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    It's a sad day for the World

    It's a sad day for the civilized world. :( Seven explosions hit crowded commuter trains during evening rush hour in Mumbai, India, killing at least 100 people. Our sincere condolescence for our Indian friends on this forum and throughout the world.
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    How long...?

    How long does it take for a file to move from CIS to the Visa Service Center? Thanks
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    A Joke from CIS

    Let's laugh a little: :D Our friends at CIS sent me a letter today regarding my mother's case. The letter states that their file is still missing a change of address form AR-11, even though I changed the abode over the phone. The funny thing is that they added a clause stating that it is...
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    Chaiyya Chaiyya: A Lovely Indian Song

    Although I have no idea what they are singing, but I like this song. Especially the sweet voice of Sapna Awasthi. The first time I heard this song was when I was watching the movie: Inside Man with Christopher Plummer, Jodie Foster and Denzel Washington. Can anyone explain to me what...
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    Congratulations to all of us!!!

    Yesterday the Senate passed the immigration bill which now will have to go back to the House. This is by far the toughest part of the bill. I was quite happy with the form of the bill. I didn't read the whole thing but I mostly glanced over the part concerning Citizenship and Litigation...
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    Post your name if you had a problem with JoeF

    I am tired of seeing good and honorable members getting banned because of the same trouble-making person: JoeF. JoeF has a tactic. He comes to your thread, and if he doesn't agree with you, he tries to put you down. If you stand up to him, he will call you a racist, an idiot and a sub-human...
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    Finally I have a case receipt number

    My Mom's case was received on March 30th. It has been forwarded to the California SC for expedited processing. :confused: Funny because that center is now processing applications from Oct 2005. Meaning my case will be there for another five months. :confused: Anyway it feels good to know...
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    Suzy, Jenimmi & others, what do you think about this?

    Our friends at CIS still did not cash my money order. Maybe they did a search on their systems and found out about my lawsuit. I guess it's time for me to research how I can file a mandamus to make the lazy bastards do their job(no offense to CIS lovers). :) But seriousely, the reason why...
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    Let me tell you about USCIS: The Crappy Agency

    I sent my package via Overnight Express mail on March 14th. However, and of course without any surprise Crappy CIS did not pick it up till March 21. My money order has not been cashed in yet???? Now I have no way of knowing where my petition is or what the receipt number is? Let me tell you...
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    I-130 Question

    Hello there: Thanks to everybody for their help and for answering my previous questions. I am ready to send the application tomorrow. I have however a question: The I-130 asks for the Naturalization Certificate number, is this my old Alien number, also known as the CIS Registration Number...
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    Immigrant Visa Consular processing for Mother

    Hi there: I am kind of confused. I've been reading needurhelp great thread about Green Card applications for parents and got confused. I am trying to file an application for my mother. Now do I just need to file the following papers: Form I-130, Filing Fee - $190.00, a copy of mom's birth...
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    Message to Members

    Hello guys: I am asking for your help here. :) Lately, especially during the last four days, I have been receiving numerous messages, emails, and phone calls from different members asking for help. I do understand that some know I am leaving on Sunday to report to Active Military Duty...
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    Guys...I have been called back to Active Military Service

    It's true. Out of the 100,000 Inactive Reserve Soldiers (IRR), the Department of Army decided to call back 5,600 to report for active mobilization under Operation Iraqi Freedom. I received the MailGram orders last Friday (during the busiest friday in my life :D) and I felt a sense of Honor and...
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    Question about Passport

    I applied for a U.S. Passport on January 10. According to the USPS, The passport service received the application on January 11. So far I cannot track my application online, and when I called 1-877-487-2778 last night, they told me it's not in their system yet. I filed for expedited processing...
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    Is this true?

    I was told this by somebody after I told them I was naturalized: "Had you contrived to be naturalized in Puerto Rico instead of anywhere else, your estate would be exempt from Federal estate tax on its PR assets . . . too late now to leave a fortune tax-free to your heirs."
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    Merry Christmas Everyone

    Merry Christmas and May this Holiday season bring its blessings on you with the completion of your cases. :) Amen!