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    Can I choose ASC location for my finger printing appointment?

    I am supposed to receive FP notice in May. But I will trip to another state next week and stay there for several months. Going back to my residing state for FP is too time-consuming. Can I call USCIS to choose ASC location in the state I will travel to? Any better suggestion? Thanks for any...
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    Tracker: Waiting for Derivative's I-485 Approval

    Follow-up: just got spouse's 485 approved Just got CRIS email saying approval notice sent. If your PD is current, it should be your turn. Good luck to every body.
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    Tracker: Waiting for Derivative's I-485 Approval

    Hi, How long have your guys been waiting for derivative's I-485 Approval? My case with my son's got appproved July, 2007. So far there is no any sign for my spouse's case progress although we were told 2 weeks ago that everything is fine and just waited for visa number. Due to retrogression...
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    Expidited AP: urgent question

    To my know, AP is to be used for entering USA custom. I think no matter when you receive it.
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    Flight transfer in Canada with AP

    Hello, I am AP holder and want to take Air Canada from NY to other country. But flight will stop in Canada (may transfer to other filght). Is it Ok for AP holder or is Canada visa a must? Thanks for any input.
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    GC approved in Sept 07. Still Waiting for the card!!!!!

    No, IO's answer makes no sense. Keep calling TSC.
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    Apply for SSN with I-765 Approval Notice

    I tried to apply for SSN for my son with I485 aproval notice, but officer insisted on accepting card only.
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    Notice Returned as Undeliverable.

    Card Returned as Undeliverable I just called TCS for email of Card Returned as Undeliverable for my son. IO told me because my son's name didn't appear in mailing address I registered in local post office. I must go to post office to do this. But I received my son's Welcome Notice weeks ago...
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    EB2- 2005 Card Production Ordered - 4th Jan 2008

    I think something may be mess up in USCIS. I received Welcome Notice on 8/29/07 for my son's case. I called TSC several times for card production. IO told me FP was not received yet although it did on 8/7/07. Finally I got CRIS email of Card Production Ordered on 12/21/07. Next day I received FP...
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    Tracker: Waiting for Derivative's I-485 Approval

    The schedule for first FP was on 8/7/07 and done on time. The USCIS sent me 2nd FP scheduled on 10/18/07 because TSC didn't receive 1st FP from ASC. I requested on 10/15/07 rescheduling 2nd FP and received the 3rd FP notice on 12/22/07 and FP schedule on 1/7/08. You may specify FP date on your...
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    Tracker: Waiting for Derivative's I-485 Approval

    Not try Infopass yet. I did receive 2nd FP notice on Oct, but my son was unable to make it. I requested reschedule FP and no message from ASC so far. Follow-up: After posted above message 10 min ago, I just got CRIS email saying Card Production Ordered. I did call TSC again 10 days ago. The...
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    Tracker: Waiting for Derivative's I-485 Approval

    I got the same problem for my son's card production. His case got approved on 8/29/07 and heve FP done on 8/7/07 but no card received yet. I called to TSC 4 times and always told no FP received and needed to reschedule for FP. I told them FP done already. IO told me she will make notes for this...
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    Fingerprint - Pictures not recd by TSC from Newark.. Help

    My son has had biometrics (code 3) taken in Newark ASC on Aug. 7. His I-485 got approved one month ago but no card received yet. I called TSC and was told no biometrics received. Yesterday I received another ASC appointment notice whic is CODE 2 this time. Maybe the system in Newark ASC does...
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    How to ask questions effectively in Infopass

    I went to ASC with Infopass. After drived 1h and waited for 30min, IO told me your case was not filed here and nothing I could tell you. Period!
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    Anyone in the same/similar boat? Approved but no card after almost 3 months!

    Call TSC directly My son is in the same boat. I called TSC and was told waiting for FP. I told rep his FP was done a month ago. She said "ok, I will inform .....". You'd better call TSC asap instead of NSC, which is basically just to offer positions for dropping down jobless rate.
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    Talked to TSC IO

    Your case is very similar to mine. I got approved on 7/18/07 and LUD at same day for my son who turned to 14 in May 07, too. After a couple of days a FP notice for my son was arrived. You'd better call TSC again. I know most of reps are very rude. But there is no way but try again.
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    Analysis - VSC->TSC Xfer and Processing Date

    I was in the same boat. My I485 was transfered to TSC on 3/15/07 but spouse's and child's cases were still in VSC. I called VSC a couple of times and got them transfered to TSC on 6/18/07. I went to Newark, NJ with Infopass appointment and got nothing but wasting 5 hours. You better call VSC...
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    Urgent: Rfe On I-485

    USCIS requests REF with original notice. You better ask lawyer to send you USCIS notice.
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    I-485 Transferred

    URGENT HELP needed: My I-485 transfered but not including my spouse and son's Hi, Today I got I-485 transfer notice from VSC to TSC but no message for spouse's and my son's. I filed I-140/485 concurrently on Aug. 2004 and got all cases denied on Dec 2004. After filed appeal, I-140 was...
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    VSC I-140 Denied MTR Sent and waiting for response TRACKER

    Hi Gopal, Thank you for so detailed info. If you I-485 is already re-open, you may get I-140 approved soon. I got I-485 re-open notice two months earlier than I-140 approval notice. It looks the nothing is unusual for your case. I called VSC twice. The 1st rep (man) told me I have to...