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    Changes Coming on Aug 21- Be Aware

    Hello! As we know big changes to Asylum system are coming in August 2020 Request to all, please study those and mention here, and effect on your case. MOST IMPORTANT - These regulations are not yet in effect. There is a 15-day comment period and the regulations would go into effect sometime...
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    Filing AFTER 1 year

    I see its different process for people who files after one year. Anybody who filed after one year, Please share your experiences and timeline.Thanks!
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    Denials or Court Referral

    Lets share experiences about Denials or Court Referrals or Approval. Pls share when & Where you applied and when you received Approval / Denials / Court Referral
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    NTA Questions

    Please post any questions related to NTA here. NTA - Notice To Appear Its quite scary to get NTA for anybody
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    Asylum Questions

    Hello! I have couple of questions related to Asylum. Please reply who has the experience or answers. 1- If initially filed alone, when & at what stage spouse can be added to the application 2- If case denied at interview, Can EAD still be renewed? 3- If case denied by IJ and the decision...
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    Deportation Process

    Hello! My friend was denied of I130 petition. They're divorced now. He's out of status now. No criminal record; all clear. Has US born Kids. I guess he might be deported. Can somebody please explain the process/steps of deportation? and possible ways to avoid it, Please !
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    Asylum Filers - After 1 Year Deadline

    For people who filed after 1 year Asylum filing deadline. Please share your Timelines, experiences and challenges
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    2018 Asylum Filers

    Hello All ! Please share updates/Timeline who've just filed in 2018.
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    Conditional Green Card Vs Permanent Green Card

    What are the rights of a person when he is on conditional green card (2 year) Vs on permanent green card? in terms of: - employment - Filing petition for parents or children - Unemployment benefits? - Travel, needs any visa to visit countries like UK, Australia etc? - Min time...
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    Tips for Organization, Presentation, Dressing & more

    Friends, Wondering if we have some thread giving presentation tips to the filers so that they can have less stress during the process? Like how they should put/organize all the documents while a. mailing the applications, and b. also when going for interview? Half battle is won...
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    Having Attorney with you at AOS interview

    Hello ! I was wondering many people who already attended their AOS interviews, might have experience of taking attorney with them to the interview. May be i missed but never saw any thread on this topic. So here, Please share your experiences/Opinions/Suggestions... - for the...
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    Want to Apply Asylum not WOR

    Hello Friends ! This is great forum and useful for all the participants. I need some help for my close friend who is working in US for over 5 years using H1B(work permit). Due to some problem his H1 was cancelled and he was uaware of it. As a result he is now out of status for around...
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    Options after Divorce being on H4

    Hello Gurus, I visit this place occasionally for the valueable knowledge that you all provide. And HATS off to all of you all who are contributing, and helping to build people's lives ! I need help for my cousin. Let me brief you first... She entered US in Aug 2007 on H4. She...