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    Can I choose ASC location for my finger printing appointment?

    I am supposed to receive FP notice in May. But I will trip to another state next week and stay there for several months. Going back to my residing state for FP is too time-consuming. Can I call USCIS to choose ASC location in the state I will travel to? Any better suggestion? Thanks for any...
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    Flight transfer in Canada with AP

    Hello, I am AP holder and want to take Air Canada from NY to other country. But flight will stop in Canada (may transfer to other filght). Is it Ok for AP holder or is Canada visa a must? Thanks for any input.
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    Urgent: Please Help For Denied Case!!!

    Hello, I concurrently filed I-140 for myself and I-485 for my wife/son on Aug. 2004 and got denied notice for all I-140/485 applications on Dec 2004. My lawyer filed appeal for my case Jan 2005 and got my I-140 approved Aug 2006. Also I was noticed my I-485 re-opened and requested new...
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    What is Outside Processing Time

    Hi, When I called USCIS on 7/16/06 for my I-485 status, the rep told me it was Outside Processing Time. Five weeks later, LUD was changed to 9/4/06, 9/5/06 and 9/6/06. What does Outside Processing Time mean? Is it for name check? Thanks a lot.
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    Child status after EAD

    Hi, I filed I-140/485 concurrently on Aug 2004 and got I-140 approved a week ago. My PD is Aug 2002 and I-485 is pending. Now I am working with 7th year H-1, which along with H-4 of my son will expire in Jan 2007. I am going to apply for EAD. As my son is 14 years old and I can't apply for...
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    When request FP?

    Hello, I filed my I-140/485 cocurrently in VSC on Aug 2004 and got my I-140 approved last week (9/21/06) after appealling twice because of ability to pay. USCIS imformed my I-485 re-opened on July 2006 and sent me RFE for I-485 Aug 2006. I responsed and got confirmation of USCIS received it...
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    Got I-485 notice. Help needed!

    Hi, I filed I-140/485 to VSC cocurrently July 2004 and got both denied on Dec 2004 due to "ability to pay". After filed appeal for twice for I-140, I got a notice that imformed me my I485 was reopened on July 26, 2006. After submitted RFE for I-485 4 days back, I just got an e-mail from USCIS...
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    I-140 status after reopening I-485?

    Hello, I concurrently filed I-140/485 to Vermont on Aug 2004 and both denied Dec 31, 2004 because of "ability to pay". After filed appeals twice for I-140, I got a notice that says "After review, we have reopened your I-485 application or reconsidered decision previously issued". After 2...
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    What is Earnings Statement?

    I got a REF today, which requested Earning Statements for last two years. Somebody said it means W2 or paystubs? Please tell me what I should submit for this. Thanks.
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    HELP - I-140 appeal

    Hi, I filed my I-140/485 concurrently two years ago and got I-140 denied at Jan 2, 2005 due to company poor revenue. I filed appeal to BCIS at Jan 30, 2005. Last week I got an e-mail from USCIS enclosed below. Today I called my lawyer and was told this e-mail means my I-140 approved and now...
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    How to coplain bad lawyer

    Hello, I hired a lawyer for my green card application from the beginning. After LC approved, I paid the rest of fee. But as the lawyer didn't file I-140/I-485 with all necessary documents, my application was denied. When I asked the lawyer the next action, he had no idea. I had to pay other...
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    URGENT: I-140/485 denied - appeal or MTR?

    My layer received i-140/485 denial letter at the same day due to "Ability to Pay". It enclosed a I-290B for appearing this decision. But someone suggests that filing MTR have more chance to have i-140 approved than sending appeal. Please advise. Our company's financial improved recently...
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    HELP!!! I-485 denied

    I filed I-140/485 Aug 13, 2004. No info about I-140 status, but today i got the letter that shows my case was denied. I didn't understand what it talked about. I appreciate it if someone could explain what's happen to me and what i need to do next. Below is the some parts of the letter: Dear...
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    Company Relocation

    Hi all, I have just filed I-140/485 to Vermont center. But my company is going to move to New Jersey from Connecticut and I will move to there, too. Is there any problem for my GC application? What do i need to do if my home address and company address changed? thanks for any advise. james
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    Ability to pay

    Hi, I got my LC approved this week. But since the online stock analysis company I am working for is very small (3 salary employees) and annual income is very low (about $300,000/year for lats two years). Also the company pay employee a half of salary by cash and a half by stock option since...
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    Labor transfer????

    Hi, I got my LC approved. But if I change employer with the same position in the new company, can I bring my approved LC to the new company for filing I-140/485? Thanks for any comment.