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    FP question

    What happens if FBI is not able to process the FPs because the prints are smudgy? The persons fingers do not have well defined ridges. Got a second notice to go for FPs but it is the same fingers how will the prints be different the scond time? Assuming that FBI will not be able to process them...
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    OCI - New York Tracker

    Guys, If you belong to CGINY jurisdiction for OCI, please post your timeline in this thread. Here are my particulars: Mailed the application on 3rd April and received by CGINY on 7th April. Online status still shows 'File not registered with the concerned mission yet' or something like that...
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    Conclusion of Immigarion journey

    This forum has been of immense help to me and I thank all the participants. I have taken the oath today at Toledo, OH at 11:30am and that concludes my immgration journey. It was a regular affair without any complicated twists or turns. All they have asked for at the oath ceremony was the oath...
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    Parking options in Toledo, OH

    Has anybody attended oath ceremony in Toledo, OH lately? Want to know of the parking options around the court house up there. Was planning to arrive an hour early to explore it but I might get hosed if stuck in traffic and got delayed. I would be better prepared if I knew various options ahead...
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    Any recent oath letters from Clevelenad, OH???

    Did anybody receive oath letter from Cleveland, OH district office lately? I had my interview last month and waiting to hear from them. Appreciate any responses from folks that have heard from Cleveland recently. Thanks.
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    Cleveland, OH - Interview experience

    My appointment was at 1:40pm and I showed up at 1:00pm, put the interview letter in the tray just outside the door and waited. With in few minutes, the folks that were already inside have started coming out with each carrying the N652 form. I noticed about 7 or 8 cases and all of them had passed...
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    Anybody with Interview in December in Cleveland DO?

    Appreciate responses to this thread.
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    Parking ticket paid but no record - hoW to get it?

    I have paid a parking ticket that I got about 3 years ago in Edison, NJ. But unfortunately I lost the copy of the ticket and I don't have the cancelled check either. Since traffic/parking violation do come under citations, I have to mention them in N400 app. Now the question is how do I provide...