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    Employer changing ideas

    I am currently working under an H1B for a year, my employer promised me to file for a GC if I wait a full year, which I did, now, he is taking his promise back and not wanting to file the GC, I am thinking of finding another employer under a TN instead, then file for the GC by myself, is that a...
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    employer is not keeping the promise

    After one year of being with a specific employer on H1B, as they initially promised once I got hired a year ago, and they are NOT going to sponser me the GC, and I am so upset, what are some of the alternative options available over there?
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    I-140 and its effect

    I am on an H1B and thinking about applying to GC via NIW, in case my GC's application will not be accepted, and want to get a TN status in the future, since I am Canadian, my question is, might a prior I-140 filing affect getting a TN status? P.S: since it is a mixed GC/TN question, I did not...
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    Traveling while on H1B

    I am planning on traveling to Canada while on valid H1B for 4 days, is it safe to do so since it will be a border crossing? or not at all?
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    Submitting an H1B amendment during waiting for PWD

    My PWD is recently submitted, however, my manager is thinking about submitting an amendment that will allow me to travel to multiple locations other than my main "work site", these travels are short term assignments to "support staff", while getting back to my main region after these assignments...
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    Planning on applying for ED2 with NIW

    I am working under an H1B with no decision is taken by my employer to apply for the GC, I chose this way although I have a 5 year Bachelor degree with over 10 years of experience in my field, is there a chance for me to have my case smoothly accepted or not?
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    Employer is resisting it

    I am on H1B and my employer is resisting and/or working on to issue the Labor Certificate for me, is there anything I can do in the meanwhile to help myself starting the GC process? Thanks
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    TN best immigration attornies

    I need help in knowing reputable attorneys to handle concerns about TN status and general immigration questions, location does not really matter...
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    Over time hours under TN

    I am a Canadian working on a TN in a US company, the area manager is thinking of assigning some over time hours for some of us, the employees, is it advisable to pick up some of these extra hours? or not at all? Any help is being appreciated.
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    Changing work location while on H1B "Case received"

    I am working for a company under a TN status, while an H1B case is filed and no decision has been taken on it yet.... My manager offered me to "store transfer" to a different location, the new location is almost 3 hours away driving (180 miles), working hours might be less than it was filed for...
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    Covering Shifts while on TN Status

    I am working under TN in the US for a major chain, my application is filed for that specific store, My manager is planning on having me covering shifts for other nearby stores, the pay check is still coming from the same company and payroll department, these other stores are in a different...
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    Changing status

    I am planning on changing status from TN to B2, what is the application to submit? any cautions should be taken while filling it in? please advice
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    K1 eligible for work?

    I am currently in the US and planning to get engaged in the following weeks, will that make me eligible to work for any employer? and how long I can start working after submitting the application? if any?
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    TN is under process

    I have an expired TN status with an extension already submitted to USCIS, however, it is still "pending", I am a NE resident with no GC, and I need to renew my license though that extension is being refused since the immigration did not get back to me yet, is there any alternative solution...
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    Is it risky?

    I am planning on applying for a new TN from inside the US, being Canadian and with one of these 7 risky countries' citizen, is it safer to apply via USCIS than going to the border? or even applying internally is risky?
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    TN expires and filing

    I have a TN status expires on Jan 17, the company I am working for is in the process of closing estimate of Feb 15, Can I still file an extension before the Jan 17 and still working under "pending", as I am trying to extend through USCIS, in case of yes, what is the requested time that it shows...
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    More explanation about TN renewal

    My TN expires mid Jan 2017, I am thinking of renewing it by having the employer mailing my application: - Does he need to submit any supplemental documents with it similar to the ones I provided at the border? - What is the average time for application processing in the immigration office? - I...
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    Updates on the company I am working for

    I have been working on TN for a specific corporation, which has multiple stores around US as a pharmacist. The store I was working for had closed 4 weeks ago, in the meanwhile, I was offered a (store transfer) for a different location, same location and wage, and the wage will continue coming...
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    Moving to a new employer

    I have an existing valid TN with one employer, however, I am in the process of contracting with a new one, so apparently I will need a new TN. In the meantime the new employer is filing my applications, I did not tell the old one about my plan on changing, what should I do with the old TN once I...
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    Getting new TN from inside the US

    I am on a TN which is still valid, and I live in the US, I found a new employer with a different organization, is there any chance I can apply for a new TN without leaving the US? Thanks for your responses