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    Eb2-niw I-485 Rfe

    No clue what its about. Probably something I already submitted twice. I heard they are trying to prune the I-485 queue with random unnecessary RFEs, hoping that people don't get the letter in time or can't get the document together quickly enough.
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    Where to file I-140 from abroad?

    Does anyone know what the rules are regarding filing I-140 from abroad? I am currently stuck at NSC and they are so incredible slowly that my case won't go anywhere for at least a year or two. Could I fly home and file a I-140 from there at TSC? During my 2 weeks visit I would be "residing"...
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    LUDs on 3 non-concurrent I-140 NIWs from Dec06/Jan07

    Today 3 people got LUDs on their I-140 NIW filed in December 2006 or January 2007. All three are from China and non-concurrent (since retrogressed).
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    December 2006 NIW approval

    NSC just approved a December 2006 case (non-concurrent).
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    Estimated number of NIW petitions per year

    USCIS just released a bulletin informing about their intent to extend the use of some information gathering forms for EB2-NIW petitions. They mention that they estimate that 8,000 applicants per year have to fill it out. So thats 8,000 I-140s per year...
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    EB2-NIW Nov 21 2006 approval today on trackitt

    He or she is Iranian, but the I-140 was not filed concurrently.
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    NSC processing times rolled back

    We are back to November 1, 2006 for NIW. Most of the other categories were rolled back as well.
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    October AP approved by NSC

    Details in my signature. No LUD prior to the document mail email from CRIS.
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    EAD approval without any LUDs

    I just got the card production email on my EAD. No LUDs or any indication they were working on my case. Details in my signature.
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    NSC Processing times for EB2-NIW

    So NSC claims its processing April 6, 2007 EB2-NIW now. On trackitt the latest approval I can find is October 24, 2006. I know trackitt is only a small subset of cases, but still, that gap is just too large for the processing times to be accurate. Did anyone with RD in 2007 call NSC to open a SR...
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    Didn't get receipt notices but finger printing notice?

    I never got the receipt notices for my I-140/I-485/I-765/I-131 (filed concurrently end of october). My layer did get the copies of the notices though. I thought maybe they got the address wrong, in particular since the petitioner was wrong on my I-140 and my lawyer had to request a correction...
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    Concurrent filing being processed faster?

    My lawyer mentioned that there is some hope that concurrently filed NIWs are faster than non-currently filed NIWs already at the I-140 stage, especially for ROW, because its a chance for USCIS to fill the EB2 quota for ROW which is often underutilized (which the Department of State keeps...
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    Wrong petitioner on I-140 receipt notice

    My lawyer got a copy of the I-140 receipt notice for my self-petitioned NIW I-140 and NSC put my employer instead of myself into the petitioner field. Everything was correct on the I-140 we filed, I just double checked. My lawyer called the hotline and they will issue a corrected notice within...
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    How many denials?

    I was wondering how safe it is to switch from my current H1 to EAD/AP. My lawyer seems to be confident that my NIW petition is good, but since I paid her it would be strange for her to say anything else. At trackitt almost everyone seems to get an approval, even from NSC (my center). I was...
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    How much evidence is too much for EB2-NIW?

    My lawyer submitted my EB2-NIW I-140 & I-485 today. The complete packet with all the documentation (all my publications, first page of every paper that cites my publications, etc) is 15 pounds. The lawyer did a good job at organizing the evidence, there is a nice index, and the important stuff...