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    OCI for non-Indian spouse

    Hi, I wonder if anyone has experience getting OCI for a non-Indian spouse of a former Indian citizen who applied for OCI at the same time. I applied along with my spouse in June, and got mine in about a month and a half. However, hers is still in process for almost five months. Is this normal?
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    Will fingerprints be deleted after naturalisation?

    I am just thinking about all the times our fingerprints were collected when we were aliens. Do these records get deleted after we naturalise, since the fingerprints of citizens are not taken unless they are booked by police? I guess some DMVs have fingerprints. Anybody know the story here? I...
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    PIO now valid indefinitely, and doesn't require FRRO registration

    As the title suggests, the PIO card is now essentially equivalent to the OCI card: Any idea if this means that spouses of people of Indian origin will soon be able to apply for OCI? Should a spouse apply for PIO immediately in case it is discontinued?
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    Marry non US person here but both reside outside

    Not sure where to put this query. A US citizen friend of mine living in Europe with his EU citizen girlfriend want to get married in the US but continue to live in Europe. They both just entered the country separately and will get married in a couple of weeks and then leave separately. There's...
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    CIS FOIA request shows every exit/entry date

    Yup. I just went through the CD they sent me. They were all there. Every flight and every land crossing to and from Canada. So, don't lie about them?
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    Consular officer's experience of issuing visas

    I've mentioned this series, "A Traveler In The Foreign Service," before. This most recent post is about issuing non-immigrant visas. It's an interesting read, as are previous posts:
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    No more green I94 for VWP?

    My girlfriend came to the US in December under the VWP. She was told she didn't need an I94 anymore, and that the ESTA was now enough. Really? I found that odd.
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    Call from USCIS HQ

    I got a call from HQ today. Since I wrote to the ombudsman a couple of weeks ago, they referred my inquiry to USCIS HQ. The lady on the phone said that she had called Garden City and was told that they still had to review my case. If I didn't hear anything in 30 days, she said I could call her...
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    Trying to bring grandmother to the US

    My grandfather passed away a month ago, and my mother, who recently became a USC, feels she would like to bring her mother here to the US to live with her. Can she apply for that? How long does it take these days? I assume it would require an I130 application? My grandmother is also disabled...
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    National Security Clearance for citizenship

    I just got a call from Senator Gillibrand's office that they contacted CIS about my case, and it is apparently awaiting national security clearance, and because it is at this stage it can take an undetermined period of time to be processed. I've never heard about this, so I asked if this was...
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    New menu options to speak to a USCIS agent

    Hi guys, it seems CIS have changed their menu options for their 800 number and I was not able to reach an agent. Does anyone know the new route? Thanks.
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    Surrender certificate at a consulate other than the one that has jurisdiction over your residence

    My mom lives in the Bay Area, so does she have to apply for her SC in SF? Can she send it to the NY consulate, as she will be here in NY in a couple of weeks and would like her passport to go to Canada but would also like to get the SC process over with so she can apply for OCI. Alternately...
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    USCIS Video of Naturalization Interview and Test

    Have you seen this: It's interesting. I expected the office to be more clinical (bright and with a lot...
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    Soon to apply for Citizenship with long absences from the US

    Hi guys, some of you know my case, and some don't. I am an asylee, and I've spent a LOT of time out of the US studying. I have been back for good since July 2009, and I could have applied for citizenship in January 2010. However, I moved to NY in December 2009, so I'm waiting until March to...
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    Request for Evidence sent but not received

    Hi guys, my mom sent in her N400 on December 4. On December 16 they sent her a biometric appointment letter, and she went for that on January 8. Yesterday, I checked her case status online, and it says that on December 15, she was sent an RFE, but she hasn't got it, even though she got her...
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    Can I apply for citizenship in California while I am in New York temporarily?

    Hi guys, I need help with my situation: I am eligible to apply for citizenship now. My CIS address is currently in LA, where I was for a few months. I left in mid-December to look for work in NY, where I am now. I haven't found anything yet, though, so at this point my final destination is up...
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    Croatia and RP/RTD

    Hi, has anyone been to Croatia with an RP or RTD? Were there any problems, or was it easy? I'm planning on going this summer with my RP, and the Croatian embassy's website says that we don't need visas. Has this worked in reality?
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    Applying for UK Visa at Amsterdam Consulate General with RP

    Hi, I just submitted my application for a general 6 month multiple entry visit visa at the British Consulate General in Amsterdam. It cost me 82 euro including postage. The processing time is 5-15 days and they send the application to the Consulate General in Duesseldorf, Germany to be...
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    Consular Protection?

    As asylees in the US, are we entitled to US consular protection? I travel on an RP, and no passport, so obviously, I can't run to the consulate or embassy of my COP (not that I'd want to, but when you're desperate?), so what would I do? Say I'm in Bogota or something, and some fighting breaks...
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    GC Stamp in Expired Passport?

    Hey guys, I've a GC, and I'm going to try to apply for a new passport. I'm getting sick of USCIS and their travel documents. I have an RP that will be valid until 2010, but in case I lose it, I want to have a passport just to get back into the US. By the way, I'm an asylee. Instead of...